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Authors: V.V. Atuchin, I.B. Troitskaia, O.Yu. Khyzhun, V.L. Bekenev, Yu.M. Solonin
Chapter 11: Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems
Abstract:— The electronic structure of hexagonal WO3 and triclinic CuWO4 nanocrystals, prospective materials for renewable...
Authors: Amir Jalali Shahrood, A. Houshmand Viky, S.M. Moghaddas Tafreshi, Azim Saliminiaie Lahiji
Chapter 11: Environmentally Sustainable Manufacturing Processes and Systems
Abstract:In recent decades, appearance of micro grid and prodigious achievement of smart grid comparing with conventional power plants has been...
Authors: Chil Chyuan Kuo, Zhi Yang Lin, Wang Lin Tsai
Chapter 12: Rapid Manufacturing Technologies
Abstract:Rapid tooling technology is regarded as an important approach of reducing the cost and time to market for new products. Silicone rubber mold...
Authors: Cai Xia Ju, Feng Gang Li
Chapter 12: Rapid Manufacturing Technologies
Abstract:This paper introduces the composing and the principle of hydraulic control system of Sealant-spreading machine _ a specific machine for...
Authors: Harwinder Singh, J.S. Khamba
Chapter 12: Rapid Manufacturing Technologies
Abstract:In the present turbulent times, survival and success of any organization increasingly depends on effective use of resources available in any...
Authors: Siti Zawiah Md Dawal, Tuan Ya Tmys, Yusuf Khairi, Nukman Yusoff, Ahmad Yazid Aznijar
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:In order to be economically viable and competitive, the current trends in designing very light jet aircraft have shown that it is essential...
Authors: Narahari Marneni
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:The effect of thermal radiation on unsteady magnetohydrodynamic free convection flow of an optically thin gray gas past an infinite inclined...
Authors: A.R. Norwazan, A.K. Zulkiffli, M.S. Abd Rahim
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Biodiesel is an alternative fuels for diesel engine with the blending process by chemically combination of vegetable or animal oil and diesel...
Authors: Ming Dong Lin, Fan Hu, Wei Hua Zhang, Zhen Yu Ma
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Supercavitating vehicle utilizes supercavity to reduce the drag force when travelling underwater. It could achieve a speed higher than 200Kn....
Authors: G. Pavan Kumar, Srinivasa Prakash Regalla
Chapter 13: Nontraditional Manufacturing
Abstract:Fused deposition modeling (FDM) has evolved as one of the fastest growing layer manufacturing (LM) technology because of its capability to...
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