Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Manish Kumar, H.O. Gupta

Abstract: This paper presents an algorithm for protection of series capacitor compensated line, which is based on the behavior (oscillating and...

Authors: Ganjeh Kaviri, M.N. Mohd Jafar, M.L. Tholudin

Abstract: The Combined Cycle Power Plants (CCPPs) are attractive in power generation field due to their higher thermal efficiency than individual...

Authors: R. Gupta, P. Somasundaran, D.K. Nandi

Abstract: This paper aims, to investigate the shunts in multi-crystalline (m-c) Si solar cells by lock-in infrared thermography (LIT) technique and to...

Authors: Imran Fazal, K.S. Rama Rao, Mohd Noh Karsiti

Abstract: This paper presents the analysis on flux and electromotive force (EMF) developed by moving coil and moving iron linear generators using...

Authors: Imran Fazal, Mohd Noh Karsiti, K.S. Rama Rao, Saiful Azrin Zulkifli

Abstract: Moving permanent magnet linear generator has some limitations such as thermal and impact force demagnetization, and complex control...

Authors: Mar Myaing Ohn, Mu Han Thwe

Abstract: The main objective of this PIC-based excitation control system is to control the terminal voltage by adjusting the generator exciter...

Authors: Yudha Satya Perkasa, Abdul Waris, Rizal Kurniadi, Su'ud Zaki

Abstract: This paper is aimed to calculate neutron induced fission cross section using TALYS nuclear reaction code by utilizing new fission barrier...

Authors: Li Ping, Kai Feng Zhang, Yong Liang Xiong

Abstract: The future trend of wind energy conversion systems is to draw the maximum power from the available wind. Unfortunately this is not possible...

Authors: Ying Yang, Zhi Min Li

Abstract: Through CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics application to calculate the numerical simulation, this paper is to study natural wind velocity...

Authors: Sourabh Jain, Prabhu Ramachandran

Abstract: Rarefied flows cannot be accurately simulated using Navier-Stokes (N-S) equations. The Direct Simulation Monte-Carlo (DSMC) technique is a...


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