Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ICMAE2011

Volumes 110-116

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J. S. Kim, J. D. Hwang, Y.G. Jung, O. C. Shin

Abstract: Recently, the demands for superfinishing machines have increased, but the development of superfinishing devices and superfinishing...

Authors: Kali Pada Maity, Vivek Singh, Sachin Bhartiya

Abstract: Plasma Arc Machining is one of the most important non conventional machining method used in fabrication industries because of its high...

Authors: I.I. Matsko, Y.V. Snegirev, O.S. Logunova

Abstract: The aim of the research in progress is to enhance continuously cast billets images software analyzer (based on sulfur prints and template...

Authors: Bandit Suksawat

Abstract: This paper aims to investigate cutting conditions influence on main cutting force and surface roughness based on considered chip form types...

Authors: Nur Izan Syahriah Hussein, Mohd Seiful Ezuan Sayuti, Mohamad Nizam Ayof

Abstract: Direct metal deposition (DMD) using wire feedstock than powder feeding offers potential advantages such as high material usage efficiency...

Authors: Masood Aghakhani, Maziar Mahdipour Jalilian, Alimohammad Karami, Mahyar Mahdipour Jalilian

Abstract: In Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process, one of the main goals is to reach high depth of penetration as a characteristic of quality. This...

Authors: Waseem Aslam Butt, Lin Yan, Amezquita S. Kendrick

Abstract: The design of a nonlinear adaptive dynamic surface controller for the longitudinal model of a hypothetical supersonic flight vehicle is...

Authors: Ban Ying Siang, Renuganth Varatharajoo

Abstract: The combined energy storage and attitude control system (CEACS) combines both energy storage and attitude control modules via the flywheel...

Authors: Muhammad Rizwan Shad, Guilhem Michon, Alain Berlioz

Abstract: An analysis of linear and nonlinear dynamics of rotors is presented taking into account the shear effects. The nonlinearity arises due to...

Authors: Mei Chen Liu, Jie Qiong Lin, Xiao Qin Zhou

Abstract: Firstly, the superior performance and industrial application prospects of non-rotationally symmetric (NRS) optical surfaces are detailed....


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