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Authors: Hong Fang Ji, Ling Wen Zhang, Hai Yan Zhang, Ming Duo Yang, Jian Li
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Laoying Tea, leaves of Litsea coreana L., is conventionally consumed as healthy tea beverage in southern China for hundreds of years. The...
Authors: Ge Yang, Liu Yan, Ming Gao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA. C22:6 ω-3) is an important structural component of neural and retinal tissues .The DHA yield was highest at pH5.5....
Authors: Jing Huang, Xiang Yun Wu, Han Yan
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Understanding of the interactions between climatic and hydrological factors is very important for both real situation analyses and predicting...
Authors: Dong Yang Su, Gui Sheng Fan
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Soil water infiltration is an important link of the natural water cycle. Infiltration is the inherent properties of soils. It determines the...
Authors: Yu Zhen Song, Ping Ping Li, Ye Jie Du
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The expression and functional analysis of plant metallothionein type 2 from Brassica juncea were achieved in E. coli. The BjMT-2 cDNA was...
Authors: Yin Ge Liu, Yan Jun Wen
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:The environmental conservation values of wetland plants were estimated in successive terms, by using the calculation model of ecosystem...
Authors: Yan Qin Li, Hai Qing Hu, Long Sun
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In this paper, The benzene-ethanol extraction contents of the leaves, sprig and bark of eight different species on the Maoer Mountain region,...
Authors: Zhao Hong Meng, Yuan Fu Zheng, Hai Feng Xiao
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:In order to assess the risk of heavy metal elements, including mercury, cadmium, lead, chromium, copper and zinc in soil, the soil was tested...
Authors: Hong Ming Long, Jia Xin Li, Guang Wu Tang
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:Dioxin is the unintentional synthesized extreme toxic Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the sintering process. The process of dioxin’s...
Authors: Rui He, Chun Mei Lin
Environmental Biotechnology
Abstract:This paper proposes an evolutionary self-organized clustering method of genes based on undirected graph expression. In this method, we use...
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