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Authors: Ying Zeng, Xu Dong Yu, Jing Qiang Zhang, Long Gang Li
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The metastable phase equilibrium in the ternary system containing potassium, lithium and chloride ions was studied at 298.15 K using an...
Authors: Tian Gui Wang, Yan Min Shen
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:In this article, the esterification of methanol with maleic anhydride has been studied. The focus was on the production kinetics of...
Authors: Qing Hua Tang, Yong Shuai Ma, Dong Zhang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The effects of different temperatures on catalytic hydrolysis of polyethylene terephthalate(PET) by zinc sulfate as a catalyst under...
Authors: Jian Qiang Hu, Jiang Zhu, Ke Yi Gao, Yi Wei Fei
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:A bismuth diamyl-dithiocarbamate additive was synthesized. A four-ball tester was used to evaluate the tribological performance of the...
Authors: Hong Qiang Yan, Hua Qing Wang, Jie Cheng, Zheng Ping Fang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:To obtain attractive properties, such as increased resistance to moisture absorption, low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, the...
Authors: Qi Lu, Yuan Gang Zu, Lei Yang, Xiu Hua Zhao, Wen Jun Liu, Bai Shi Zu
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Nanoscale lignin was successfully prepared with a supercritical antisolvent (SAS) apparatus using acetone as a solvent and superciritical...
Authors: Wen Quan Cui, Yue Li Qi, Jun Cheng, Jin Shan Hu, Ying Hua Liang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Pt/K2La2Ti3O10 was prepared by impregnating...
Authors: Qiao Ping Chen, Shuang Chen, Ri Yao Chen, Hong Fang Xie, Zhen Chen
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The mCMC/TiO2-Oxine/mCS bipolar membrane (BPM) was prepared by carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) as an anodic layer and chitosan (CS)...
Authors: Shu Kai Zheng
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:TiO2 and different contents Fe3+-doped TiO2 thin films were successfully obtained on microscope glass slides...
Authors: Guang Lei Tan, Qi Wang, Hong Xia Zheng, Dan Tang, Song Zhang, Zhong Suo Liu
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Rate equation of non-isothermal kinetics of solid decomposition involving the factors of the pressure of gaseous product, the equilibrium...
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