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Authors: Zhi Hang Chen, Xue Hui Li, Chao Ping Cen, Xiang Gao, Le Fu Wang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The solid state reaction method, coprecipitation method and citric acid method were employed for the preparation of Cr-Mn mixed-oxide...
Authors: Wen Qing Huang, Xi Zhao, Ying Zhang, Wan Tai Yang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:MgCl2/alcohol complex treated with various Al-alkyl in preparing Ziegler-Natta catalyst and its precursors for polymerization of...
Authors: Zhi Wei Guo, Ying Ying Gu, Shi Lin Zhou, Chen Hong Ren
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Phthalocyanine catalysts were synthesized and supported matel phthalocyanines were found to be good catalysts for benzene hydroxylation to...
Authors: Hui Juan Li, Xiao Yuan Jiang, Xiao Ming Zheng
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The catalytic activity in NO+CO reaction was investigated, and the structure and reductive properties of various...
Authors: Fu Shan Chen, Huan Fei Xu, Xiu Ying Jiang, Song Lin Wang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The impact of highly cationic density polymers such as modified poly-ethyleneimine(PEI), as anionic trash catcher(ATC) on the...
Authors: Guan Qun Xie, Yan Hui Dai, Xi Jing Liu, Meng Fei Luo, Xiao Nian Li
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:By pretreatment of Pt/CeO2 catalysts with high temperature reduction and subsequent low temperature reoxidation, the concentration...
Authors: Jin Wang, Li Jun Wang, He Xiao, Jin Shan Chen
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:PDADMAC fixing agents with different characteristics were used to control dissolved and colloidal substances in P-RC APMP fiber suspension....
Authors: Xiang Wu, Cheng Hong Duan, Xiang Peng Luo
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Despite the widening use of the carbon fiber wound composite gas cylinder, the research on its structure is mainly focused on the experiment...
Authors: Ying Li, Bei Hai He
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The main objective of this study was to investigate the effect of drying condition on the binder distribution and characterize the binder...
Authors: Ying Li, Bei Hai He
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The physical structure and chemical properties of coating layer have an important influence on transferring and setting of the printing ink....
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