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Authors: Hong Yong Xie, Shen Wen Chen, Chang Wen Ma, Jing Rong Wang, Lu Ping Zhu, Ling Ling Wang, Gui Lan Gao, Li Jun Wang, Hao Yuan
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Photo-degradation of toluene at ppb levels by mixed-phase TiO2 nanoparticles, synthesized by the oxidation of TiCl4 in...
Authors: Ke Xin Hu, Guang Ming Zeng, Hai Chao Zhang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The possibilities of dissolving grade pulp production from reed were investigated in this paper. Two – stage prehydrolysis – kraft pulping...
Authors: Peng Tian, Zhen Yan Shi, Li Yan Liu, Gang Liu, Yan Hong Kang, Hui Zhang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:In this paper, using tetrabutyl titanate as source, H2O2(30%) as solvent, synthesis of titanium dioxide sol was...
Authors: Ding Bo Wang, Bin Wang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Used ultra-fine silicon oxide as carrier, the catalyst was prepared with the ZSM-5 molecular sieve with high n...
Authors: Sen Lin Liu
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The synthesis of chiral silicon-containing (R)-ketone-cyanohydrin by enantioselective transcyanation of acetyltrimethylsilane with acetone...
Authors: Qi Zhou, Chun Lin He, Qing Kui Cai
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Alumina sol sealing is one of new green technology for anodized Al alloy. The corrosion mechanism of films sealed by sol and corrosion...
Authors: Ping Xu, Min Wei Wang, Jia Wei Qu, Ren Lang Wang, Jian Wang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:WO3/ZrO2 solid superacid catalysts were prepared by coprecipitation and impregnation, then were characterized by XRD,...
Authors: Rong Mei Zhang, Yu Xiu Zhao
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:FeS-1, VS-1 or CuS-1 precursors are loaded and highly dispersed on the surface of mesoporous materials SBA-15, MCM-41 or SiO2 by...
Authors: Jian Peng Zou
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:With chemical coprecipitation method, high purity hydroxyapatite was successfully prepared in this paper. The microstructure and components...
Authors: Jian Ling Li, Yi Tuo Wang, Ya Kun Zhang, Gui Mei Han, Fei Gao, Xin Dong Wang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The microwave-hydrothermal method for synthesizing g-MnO2 has been investigated for the first time. The dandelion-like g-MnO2...
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