Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dao Wu Yang, Yi Liu, Peng Dou, Hai Xia Tong

Abstract: In this paper, octadecylamine (ODA), dimethyl oxime and bromogeramine are selected to complex as a filming amine (FA). Static metal hanging...

Authors: Guo Liang Xu, Yu Cong, Xin Cheng Wang, Cai Xia Sun, Chun Tian Wu, Xiao Dong Wang, Tao Zhang

Abstract: Silicalite-1 (pure silica MFI) membranes were hydrothermally synthesized on pretreated surface of two common stainless steel materials,...

Authors: Wei Xing Li, Ying Xiang Ni, Wei Hong Xing

Abstract: A kind of solid acid (sulfated zirconia) was proposed to be used as the catalyst for the hydrolysis of ethyl lactate because...

Authors: Lei Zhang, Ji Li, Kai Yang, Chen Fa Hu, Shi Bin Ge, Chun Hui Yang

Abstract: Effect of CuCl source and content on formation of triethoxysilane in the direct process is described and discussed. The two sources of CuCl...

Authors: Chen Gang Cao, In Yong Ahn, Tao Jiang

Abstract: A kind of cobalt complex with asymmetric tridentate ligand was synthesized and used in ethylene oligomerization. The reaction temperature...

Authors: Ji Li, Lei Zhang, Tian Long Ma, Chun Hui Yang

Abstract: Activated carbon-supported platinum was prepared and characterized by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR) and X-ray...

Authors: Hai Rong Yin, Ming Zhen Yang, Gao Yang Zhao

Abstract: Carbonate hydroxylapatite (CHAP) with different carbon content synthesized by precipitation, As raw material to calcium nitrate、potassium...

Authors: Yun Peng Zhao, Li Hua Jia, Tao Jing, De Zhi Sun, Jong Shik Chung

Abstract: CuO-ZnO-ZrO2-TiO2 catalyst was prepared by parallel-slurry-mixing-precipitation method combined with addition of...

Authors: Shu Ge Peng, Yong Ke Guo, Xiao Fei Liu, Jun Zhang

Abstract: The use of organic solvents as reaction media for enzymatic reactions provides numerous industrially attractive advantages compared to...

Authors: Hai Rong Yin, Ming Zhen Yang, Tao Wang, Min Ge Feng

Abstract: The adsorption of Cr6+ from aqueous solution by carbonate hydroxylapatite (CHAP) with different carbon content synthesized by...


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