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Authors: Ahmed Alfatesh, Anis Fakeeha
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Carbon dioxide reforming of methane to synthesis gas over an alumina-supported 1% Ni-based catalyst was investigated at atmospheric pressure....
Authors: Ting Yu
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:With mixed rare earth (La, Ce, Nd) doping Ti/TiO2 electrode for the anode, degradation situation of oilfield wastewater was...
Authors: Ke Sheng Zuo, Sheng Qi Xi, Jing En Zhou
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The allotropes of graphite and activated carbon were mixed with Cu and Mo powder, respectively. And the two groups of mixtures were...
Authors: Heng Shen Xie, Zhi Min Zong, Qing Wei, Pei Zhi Zhao, Jian Jun Zhao, Tong Liu, Xiang En Han, Xian Yong Wei
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Shenfu bituminous coal (SFBC) and Xilinhaote lignite (XL) were subject to photo-catalytic oxidation with hydrogen peroxide over titanium...
Authors: Yu Ming Gao, Ji Lin Cao, Panpan Chen, Hong Fei Guo, Zhao Yang Tan
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The phase equilibrium of the quaternary system...
Authors: Hai Yan Ma, Zhao Feng Liu, Jun Zhang, Hai Jun Ma
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:PPS and PA6 were blended to improve the mechanical properties of the large diameter PPS monofilaments. The influence of the...
Authors: Yu Hua Guo, Shu Cai Li, Gao Sheng Wang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:TDI as main isocyanate, IPDI as end-capping reagent, waterborne polyurethane emulsions (WPUs) surface-sizing agent have been obtained. The...
Authors: Yong Sheng Ma, Lin Tong Wang
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Inverse emulsion graft copolymerization of chitosan and acrylamide monomer under microwave radiation was studied. It was shown that when the...
Authors: Xiang Xue Zhu, Fu Cun Chen, Jie An, Peng Zeng, Long Ya Xu
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:This article demonstrates the design and industrial operation results of the ethylbenzene(EB) production technology from FCC dry gas by a...
Authors: Zhi Ming Tian, Qi Gang Deng, Le Yuan Li
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Sulfated zirconia-modified mesoporous SBA-15 molecular sieves(ZS/SBA-15) had been prepared by homogeneous urea hydrolysis method. The...
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