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Authors: Yu Shen, Hai Dong Zhang, Xu Xu Zheng, Xian Ming Zhang, Jin Song Guo, You Peng Chen
5 Green Chemical Process Technology
Abstract:Fuel ethanol converted from biomass is a reliable substitute for fossil fuels, and lays people’s hope on the sustainable development in the...
Authors: Zhang Gao Le, Tao Zhong, Zong Bo Xie, Jiang Ping Xu
5 Green Chemical Process Technology
Abstract:Solvent-free N-alkylation of phthalimide with alkyl halides catalyzed by basic ionic liquids was developed in this conmmunication....
Authors: Yuan Zhang, Hai Sheng Yan, Rui Huang, Quan Yin, Shu Jie Ren, Wei Chang Xu
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:This paper evaluates the catalytic effectiveness of CuZnOx/γ-Al2O3 catalyst for the...
Authors: Shi Chang Li, Dong Dong Wang, Zhao Yang Zhu, Hong Xia Liu
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:With ion implantation, a high xylanase-producing strain Aspergillus niger BU99 was selected. Different late acting carbon sources...
Authors: Jie Ren, Yin Shan Lou, Hai Kuan Yuan, Lian Shen
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Through the benzene alkylation experiments with long chain olefin over solid acid catalysts activated at different temperature in the...
Authors: Jun Qiang Xu, Wei Chu, Fang Guo, Xue Jun Quan
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Mesoporous V-MCM-41 materials with good hydrothermal stability had been synthesized by microwave-assisted hydrothermal method. The samples by...
Authors: Hai Kuan Yuan, Zheng Yi Cao, Jie Ren
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The benzene alkylation with long chain olefin over solid acid catalyst in the fixed-bed reactor was carried out under near critical...
Authors: Yong Ming Dai, Tsung Chi Pan, Jih Mirn Jehng
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:Nanoscale supported tungsten oxide catalysts were synthesized by hydrothermal method using γ-Al2O3,...
Authors: Ma Liang Zhang, Zhen Huan Li, Kun Mei Su, Lei Zhang, Bo Wen Cheng
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:The effects of PW/SiO2 activation temperature on MPA (p-methoxyacetophenone) synthesis from toluene and acetic anhydride were...
Authors: Jai Houng Leu, Ay Su, Z.M. Huang, Ying Chieh Liu, Chun Yuan Lin
6 Industrial Catalysis
Abstract:A Ni metal form was used to carry the Ru catalyst to induce the hydrogen gas from the NaBH4 solution. Results show the Ni...
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