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Authors: Yuan Dong Liu, Yi Hui Yin, Ying Chun Lu
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Abstract:The bolt-flange structure is most one of joint mode, and stress and mass are its major performance parameters. The multi-object optimization...
Authors: Yuan Dong Liu, Yi Hui Yin, Yun Tan
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Abstract:Hydrogen in the steel wall can cause hydrogen embrittlement of the wall material and thereby change the carrying capacity of the vessel. A...
Authors: Huan Huan Li, Hai Bin Chu, Ying Nan Chen, Xiao Tao Fu, Hui Juan Sun, Yuan Li, Yong Liang Zhao
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Abstract:2,3-bis(2-pyridyl)-5,6-dihydropyrazine and a protonated phenanthroline (Phen) have been synthesized and the structure of protonated Phen is...
Authors: Hong Zhang
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Abstract:The paper chooses foreland basin as its research object. after summarizing the accumulation characteristics of the different phases and...
Authors: Chuan Jun Han, Da Bin Li, Yang Liu
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Abstract:Ball valve with large-diameter, high-pressure, corrosion-resistant and high-reliability has been used for West-East Pipeline. In order to...
Authors: Ley Chen, S Askarian, M Mohammadzaheri, F Samadi
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Abstract:In this paper, a neural network method is proposed to solve a one dimensional inverse heat conduction problem (IHCP). The method relies on...
Authors: Quan Yi Fu, Xu Cong Yu, Lin Li, Guo Qin Liu, Bing Li
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Abstract:Brewers’ spent grain (BSG) is the most common by-product of the brewing industry, contains about 16.8% cellulose, 28.4% non-cellulosic...
Authors: Dao Wu Yang, Yun Yun Zhang, Yue Zhu Yang, Hai Xia Tong, Yang Sun
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Abstract:To enhance the water solubility and inhibition efficiency of 2-phenyl-imidazoline, a type of imidazolinylquaternary-ammonium-salt(IMA)was...
Authors: Dao Xin Wu, Zhou Lan Yin, Qi Yuan Chen, Jie Li, Ke Long Huang
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Abstract:Originated from(C4H9O)4Ti, TiO2 was synthesized by low temperature hydrolysis process in this...
Authors: Yu Wang, Ping Zhang, De Gao, Lei Pei
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Abstract:In this paper, we have studied the hot forming process of composites made by polylactic acid (PLA) and corn straw fiber. In order to obtain...
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