Fundamental of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 233-235

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Wu Wang, Run Jun Sun, Zhao Huan Zhang, Li Ping Chen, Mu Yao

Abstract: PTFE suspension latex and PVA solution are blended at different ratio, and the rotary rheometer is used to test the rheological properties...

Authors: Jing Song, Tao Qi, Jing Kui Qu, Xue Gang Zhang, Wei Feng Shen

Abstract: This paper presents an optimization technology for the molecular design of environmentally friendly solvents for extractive distillation....

Authors: Yi Hong Bao, Wen Xing Li, Zhen Yu Wang

Abstract: Anthocyanins was known for their antioxidant and pharmacological properties used by humans for therapeutic purposes. Here, we study the...

Authors: Jin Tao Wu, Yu Qiang Dai, Ze Wu Wang, Feng Xia Liu

Abstract: The heat transfer in granular materials can be found in many industry processes. But the phenomenon is not well understood. A particle...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Huang, Qin Li, Wei Li, Yi Zhou, Shi Jin Peng, Cheng Song Qiu

Abstract: It is fracture, wear and abscission of bit tooth that make up of the main failure forms for the air hammer bit, which have badly restricted...

Authors: Jin Song Yang, Rui Yang, Hai Sheng Tan, Hai Rui Zhai, Xiao Huan Sun

Abstract: Pineapple peel as main material was fermented with Phaffia rhodozyma to produce astaxanthin. Using the Box-Behnken design, the...

Authors: Ruo Yu Chen, Jian Wu Wang, Hong Ning Wang, Wei Yao, Jing Zhong

Abstract: The porous SiO2/TiO2 bilayer antireflection coatings with self-cleaning capacity have been prepared by a sol-gel...

Authors: San San Yu, Zhou Zhao, Shuang Ming Li, Wen Xiu Li

Abstract: Distillation-crystallization coupling process is a new kind of separation technology based on vapor-liquid equilibrium and solid-liquid...

Authors: Jing Zhao, Xiao Ren Lv, Shi Jie Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a new polymer process machine--- centrifugal extruder is introduced. The performance of centrifugal extruder has been studied...

Authors: Jing Pei Xie, Ai Qin Wang, Wen Yan Wang, Ji Wen Li, Luo Li Li

Abstract: The erosion wear experiments of low-chromium cast iron containing nickel were done by MCF-30 Erosion Abrasion Experimental Machine. The...


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