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Authors: Dao Xin Wu, Ying Liu, Zhong Liang Xiao
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Abstract:Single factor method was used to investigate the effects of the main technical parameters ,which was on the Pd deposition rate in electroless...
Authors: Li Wang, Qing Song Wei, Yu Sheng Shi, Jin Hui Liu, Wen Ting He
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Abstract:Selective laser melting(SLM) is driven by the need to fabricate functional metallic parts and tools with near shape and density. The method...
Authors: Jie Bi, Qing Li Yang, Li Na Yu, Jie Sun, Chu Shu Zhang
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Abstract:In this article, the antioxidant activity of the crude extract from peanut hulls was tested with phosphomolybdenum complex method, the...
Authors: Xiao Ling Yu, Guang Hong Zhou, Xue Bin Li, Han Jun Ma, Yi Juan Wang
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Abstract:Uniform design was adopted, and two factors, i.e., frozen at different time postmortem with six levels, thawing at different thawing rate...
Authors: Tao Jing, Jing Zhi Tian, De Zhi Sun
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Abstract:Two types of catalysts, V2O5-P2O5/SiO2 and...
Authors: Sudjit Sanguanruang, Rachan Leotphayakkarat, Nitikarn Fangern, Nattamon Koonsaeng, Chamorn Chawengkijwanich
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Abstract:Dipping borosilicate glass in modified sol-gel solution was used to prepare thin film TiO2. The sol was prepared from...
Authors: Zhi Xong Huang, Gang Qin, Ming Zhang, Yan Qin, Lian Meng Zhang
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Abstract:The excited states of methyl methacrylate(MMA) were calculated by CIS method, MMA molecules on the ground and excited states of molecular...
Authors: Hai Qing Cui, Jun He, Xing Liang Song
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Abstract:The governing equations of flow of the second-order fluid with variable coefficients through concentric annuli with isometric ring slots on...
Authors: Dao Wu Yang, Yan Yao, Yi Liu, Hai Xia Tong
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Abstract:The waste fluorgypsum was modified and its comprehensive utilization with fly ash in concrete was studied. Eight-channel micro-calorimeter...
Authors: Dao Wu Yang, Zhuo Ren, Hui Liu, Hai Xia Tong
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Abstract:The photo decomposition of formaldehyde (HCHO) in an air stream in a bamboo charcoal loaded Ce-doped TiO2 coated photo-reactor was...
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