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Authors: Qi Qi, Hai Qing Xu, Yong Quan Ha, Yue Ming Sun
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Abstract:A series of 4-dihydroquinolinone derivatives were fully optimized by density functional theory (DFT), Hartree-Fock (HF) and Configuration...
Authors: Hong Xiang Zhu, Shuang Fei Wang, Ying Hui Wang, Nan Nan Xia, Hui He
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Abstract:In this paper, a sizing agent applied in papermaking was synthesized via emulsion polymerization using styrene (St), methyl acrylic acid...
Authors: Inas M. Alnashef
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Abstract:The solubility of different commercially available sodium salts was measured at 120°C for the potential use in the production of sodium metal...
Authors: Yi Yong Wang, Hui Jin, Fa Yu Wu, Ji Dong Li, Zhi Ying Wang
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Abstract:Al-Ca master alloy was prepared by molten salt electrolysis method, using a mixed molten salt system of CaCl2-CaF2 and...
Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Zhi Xiang Bu, Li Shi Wang
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Abstract:Powder of Ti-46at%Al alloy was synthesized through mechanical activation (MA) and then sintered and concurrently consolidated in a short...
Authors: Xiang Zhao, She Liang Wang, Jian Bo Dai, Xi Cheng Zhao, Xi Yu Zhu
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Abstract:Focuses on the dynamical collapse of large-span spatial structure, this paper uses giant magnetostrictive material as the main component to...
Authors: Jin Feng Cui, Jun Hong Guo, Yong Qiang Ma, Yan Hua Li, Cai Xia Qing, Ying Ping Zhou, Yu Zheng, Bao Ping Yang
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Abstract:The PVC composite was prepared by extrusion melt using a new plasticizer octodecyl acyl tributyl citrate and PVC resin. Influence on...
Authors: Yong Hong Gao, Tian Sheng Liu, Min Rong Huang, Xiao Hui Gu
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Abstract:Shocking temperature rise of the shaped charge with porous liner before collapse was calculated based on the Herrman equation of state....
Authors: Chung Shin Chang, Yuh Ming Chang
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Abstract:Temperatures of the carbide tip's surface when turning Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) composites with a sharp worn main cutting edge...
Authors: Yi Luen Li, Wei Jen Chen, Ming Yuan Shen, Chin Lung Chiang, Ming Chuen Yip
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Abstract:Recently, it has been observed that surface modification of carbon nanotubes(CNTs)influences on CNT’s distribution among epoxy resin and...
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