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Authors: Xiao Ling Yu, Xue Bin Li, Hua Xiao, Han Jun Ma, Liang Cheng
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Abstract:Uniform design was adopted, and two factors, i.e., frozen at different time postmortem with six levels, thawing at different thawing rate...
Authors: Zhen Bin Chen, Lei Kang, Duo Long Di, Fang Dong, Hui Yu
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Abstract:This work performed the chloromethylation study of LX1180 in an ultrasonic environment, and presented a novel method to realize high...
Authors: Jun Sheng Yuan, Jing Chen, Hai Bin Ye, Shen Yu Li
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Abstract:The diffusion trajectory of NH4+, the configuration of NH4+ and water molecular in...
Authors: Xing Huang, Mang Zheng, Yu Xiang Wang, Dan Dan Li, Ya Juan Zhao
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Abstract:Ionic liquids-modified Ni/Al2O3 catalysts are found to be alternatively excellent media for the heterogeneously...
Authors: Wen Tung Wu
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Abstract:A Tsukamurella sp. J8025 with the capability of removing the synthetic dyes (methyl orange) was isolated from activated sludge. The...
Authors: Ji Dong Li, Ming Jie Zhang, Yi Yong Wang, Xin Gang Ai
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Abstract:At 953K, anodic over voltage by electrolyzing LiCl and Li2CO3 were measured respectively by continuous pulse...
Authors: Hui Qing Li, Rui Xiang Zhang, Hai Wang Liu, Shi Zhi Wang, Xian Ku Hao
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Abstract:Ammonium hydrogen carbonate is taken as the precipitating agent to prepare Pr-Nd carbonates from the raw material of Pr-Nd chloride solution....
Authors: Xin Qi Yu, Qing Gang Liu
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Abstract:The safety status of pipe bridge is often studied by fuzzy assessment. In fuzzy assessment, the structure importance must be calculated...
Authors: Xin Wang, Tong Ji Wang, Li Min He
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Abstract:The slug flow regime may be appeared in subsea gas-liquid pipeline of the offshore petroleum industry. The gas entrainment process and the...
Authors: Yi Ming Zhao, Jia Guang Kan, Kun Liu
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Abstract:Weakening phenomenon of argillaceous surrounding rock under water effect universal exists in the excavation and supporting process of roadway...
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