Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Jing Zhang, Chao Jun Wang, Jia Shu Sun, Xi Niu Han

Abstract: A series of hybrid materials involving cage-like octaaminopropyl polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and Polyvinyl alcohol(OAPS/PVA) were...

Authors: Bao Cang Liu, Cheng Chen, Fu Li, Bo Zhang, Chang Yan Li, Wen Zhi Zhao, Jun Zhang

Abstract: Photodegradation emerged as an effective technology for elimination of phenol and phenolic compound contaminants. In this paper, we...

Authors: Yan Jie Zhang, Xue Wu Liu, Yan Fang Yang, Zhi Zun Zhou

Abstract: Inhalation administration requests the microparticles with appropriate average diameters and narrow diameter distribution. In this paper,...

Authors: Hai Tao Liu, Jun Dai, Jia Jia Zhang, Wei Dong Xiang

Abstract: Bismuth selenide (Bi2Se3) hexagonal nanosheet crystals with uniform size were successfully prepared via a solvothermal...

Authors: Guo Qing Zhong, Qin Zhong, Hong Liang Zhou, Yu Qing Jia

Abstract: The Co–B alloy can be prepared facilely by a solid-solid reaction of CoCl2•6H2O and KBH4 powders at room...

Authors: Ming Xing Liu, Ting Hu, Dong Lin Liu, Xian Wen Wang, Kun Chen

Abstract: The two-step anodization process was adopted for the preparation of Al/Al2O3 (AAO) template with about 100 nm porous...

Authors: Wei Jen Chen, Ming Yuan Shen, Yi Luen Li, Chin Lung Chiang, Ming Chuen Yip

Abstract: This study used carbon aerogels (CA) and phenolic resin in fixed proportations to produce nano high polymer resin, and used poly ehtylene...

Authors: Ke Di Yang, Yue Juan Li, Li Ge, Zu Zeng Qin

Abstract: Investigation on the antifeedant activity and toxicity of Catunaregam Spinosa (Rubiaceae) fruits revealed that the...

Authors: Zhihong Peng

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes is a current subject of intense research for their special structures, good conductivity, well mechanic and semicondcutor...

Authors: Ya Ling Li, Xiao Ling Yang, Guang Fei Liu, Guo Qing Zhang, Tong Liu

Abstract: Silver plamitate was prepared with double jet method using palmitic acid, sodium hydroxide, silver nitrate as raw materials and PVP as...


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