Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chao Liu, Hao Jie Li, Xiao Lu Huang

Abstract: Flash pyrolysis of cellulose is done on the laser pyrolysis experiment device, from which some water-loving yellow substances are collected,...

Authors: Shou Jiang Liu, Bo Yu, Cui Hua Hu

Abstract: In the experiment, Bergenla tianquanensis in Tianquan County of Sichuan Province is used as materials for tissue culture, The effect...

Authors: Da Wei Li, Liang Wu Bi, Zhen Dong Zhao, Dong Mei Li, Yan Gu, Jing Wang, Xian Zhang Liu

Abstract: The variation regulation of five bioactive components including carnosic acid (CA), carnosol (CO), rosmarinic acid (RA), oleanolic acid (OA)...

Authors: Xiao Gang Liu, Li Wang, Chen Yu Fan, Shi Zhong Li

Abstract: Compositing with starch is an effective way to lower the cost of the poly (lactic acid)(PLA)-based biodegradable materials, while the...

Authors: Chun Tao Kuang, Xiang Zhou Li, Yan Li Han, Yong Jun Wu

Abstract: Ilex Cornuta L is an important medicinal plant. Flavonoid compounds are its main biological compontents. AlCl3 method was...

Authors: Xue Qing Liu, Ji Yan Liu

Abstract: Amorphous rice husk silica with purity of 99.3% and the specific surface area value of 212 mP2P/g was obtained by...

Authors: Xing Min Wang, Long Jun Xu, Jiang He Xu, Gui Zhi Zhang, Shao Bo Wu

Abstract: High surface area activated carbon was prepared from waste tobacco after extracting nicotine with microbial enzymatic and chemical...

Authors: Shi Hua Chen, Yong Shun Feng, Jun Mu

Abstract: We mainly characterized the compositions and basic properties of pyrolysis liquids of waste wood-based board in this study which can be a...

Authors: Peng Fu, Zhi He Li, Wei Ming Yi, Xue Yuan Bai

Abstract: The structural evolution of rice husk char particles during steam gasification was studied. The chars were characterized by ultimate...

Authors: Xue Yi Guo, Sha Liang, Qing Hua Tian

Abstract: In this study, orange peel (OP) was modified by KCl to prepare a novel orange peel adsorbent named as KOP. The adsorption behaviors of KOP...


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