Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Wen Peng, Jun Li Ren, Feng Peng, Run Cang Sun

Abstract: Rapid carboxymethylation of xylan-rich hemicelluloses from wheat straw biomass with sodium monochloroacetate and sodium hydroxide in the...

Authors: Xin Jian He, Kai Huang, Jian Jun Xie, Na Li, Nian Zeng

Abstract: A kaolin/sodium lignosulfonate graft acrylic acid and acrylamide superabsorbent composites(KLPAAM) prepared by solution polymerization are...

Authors: Yuan Gao, Lu Bai, Yi Tong Zhou, Li Ping Zhang, Fan Xia Li

Abstract: In many countries, wheat straw is an abundant byproduct from wheat production in farming, only a minor portion of the straw is reserved as...

Authors: Jian Guo Zhang, Qin Hua Liu, Fu Yu Yang

Abstract: To investigate the nutritive and ensiling characteristics of sweet corn processing by-products, the chemical compositions of corn bracts and...

Authors: Na Li, Yong Qiang Mao

Abstract: A simple and rapid microwave assisted extraction (MAE) technique for the extraction of flavonoids from the leaves of Syringa...

Authors: Jun Ping Zhu, Jian Lu Ma, Xiao Chen Liu, Biao Zhang, Wei Jie Xu, Xiao Xiao Liu, Ya Li Sang, Gui Fu Dai, Jian Wu

Abstract: The object of this research is to investigate the factors influencing the hydrolysis of corn stover by dilute sulfuric acid and the types of...

Authors: Sheng Fang Li, Wei Dong Huang

Abstract: A novel benzoxazine-based phenolic resin containing furan groups and long alkyl side-chain (CFB) was synthesized using cardanol-furfural...

Authors: Yu Zhi Xu, Ling Li, Chun Peng Wang, Fu Xiang Chu

Abstract: This paper demonstrated acylation of cellulose with long chain fatty acid and internally plasticized cellulose films obtained by casting....

Authors: Kai Bin Xiong, Bing Tao Zhao, Yi Xin Zhang, Zhong Xiao Zhang, Xiao Hong Hao, Tao Liu

Abstract: The main reason resulting in the greenhouse effect is the fact that CO2 concentration of atmosphere is raised up. The largest...

Authors: Tian Tian Sun, Ya Can Zhao, Jian Wu, Gui Fu Dai, Jun Ping Zhu

Abstract: The aim of this research is to study the saccharification of corncob residues of xylose manufacture by enzymes and turn it to L-lactic acid...


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