Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Bo Huang, Zhi Feng Zheng, Hao Feng, Hui Pan

Abstract: The resol-type resin was prepared with a high yield from the liquefied products of walnut shell in phenol, which was reacted with...

Authors: Yuan Bo Huang, Zhi Feng Zheng, Ji You Gu, Yun Wu Zheng, Qing Li Qin, Guan Dong Wang

Abstract: The liquefaction of cellulose in the presence of phenol without or with sulfuric acid as catalyst was investigated. The liquefied products...

Authors: Xian Zhen Zhang, De Si Sun, Hai Lin

Abstract: The strain Jgj-1 was isolated from Gaoan bauxite ore. The relations of desilication of the strain Jgj-1 and the pH of solution, temperature,...

Authors: Shan Shan Liu, Gui Gan Fang, Yong Jun Deng, Shan Ming Han

Abstract: The primary goal of this study was optimized condition for hydrolyzed of papermaking waste (poplar sawdust) as a potential bio-ethanol...

Authors: Ying Ying Guo, Yang Sheng Liu

Abstract: Bioenergy is a renewable energy with such advantages as low cost, simple construction, and it is also quite economic and effective. The...

Authors: Wei Hong Zhou, Ji Ping Guo, Hong Yan Tan

Abstract: The researches about upgrading of methane from biogas by pressure swing absorption are introduced in this paper. Biogas contains 55~70%...

Authors: Fu Rong Shan, Meng Qi Wang, Yang Bai, Zhi Ming Yu

Abstract: The research presented in the paper focuses on the specific process of Gutta-percha extraction and refinement. Gutta-percha was extracted...

Authors: Wei Hong Zhou, Liang Peng, Jun Min Chen, Yun Shui Yu

Abstract: Longitudinal and transverse modulus of elasticity(MOE) tests of plybamboo form with different moisture content were performed. The results...

Authors: Jun Huang, Jian Wei Mao, Sheng Hu, Dong Ke Zhao, Le He Mei, Shi Wang Liu, Yuan Feng Wu, Sheng Fang, Qian Shao

Abstract: β-chitosan preparation from squid pens was carried out using aqueous NaOH with the ultrasonic assistance. Single factor experiments and...

Authors: Guang Heng Wang, An Ning Zhou

Abstract: Using different rank coals as filler, coal-soy protein isolate (SPI) composites were prepared by compression molding processing using...


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