Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shu Xing Liu, Jun Li Hua, Hong Liang Li

Abstract: The study on optimal technology of extracting 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) and polysaccharides from mulberry leaves as raw material is conducted...

Authors: Fang Wang, Deng Wu Wang

Abstract: The Atractylone, one of the volatile constituents, was the main active components applied in many fields. To avoid the instability, the...

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Cheng Jun Wang, Ai Li Wang, Yao Xiao, Yao Tang, Wei Li Li

Abstract: Kiwifruit is very perishable especially at 20 °C. The quality of kiwifruit with 1-MCP treatment stored at 20 °C in modified packages was...

Authors: Ying Cao Xu, Zhi Biao Feng, Chun Hong Liu

Abstract: A statistical experimental design to plastein synthesis which was catalyzed by transglutaminase, using the mixture of soy protein...

Authors: Bo Cui, Na Zhao, Cong Ping Tan, Zheng Yu Jin

Abstract: The rheological behavior of apple jam samples which were added native starch and cross-linked acetylated starch was studied respectively, in...

Authors: Dong Li, Wen Hong Li, Xue Kun Li, Zheng Fan, Rong Gao, Sui Hong Yan, Feng Wang

Abstract: In this paper, 60% ethanol was used as solvent to extract polyphenol from infructescence of Platycarya Strobilacea Zucc...

Authors: Xiu Hong Wang, Bo Liu, Li Qiang Tang

Abstract: The research of crack-tip field in damage materials is a very complex problem. The core question is how to give the damage constitutive...

Authors: Ai He Yu, Ping Tan, Qin Deng, Jian Nan Xiang, Zhong Cao

Abstract: In order to improve the therapeutic efficacy of retinoid carboxylic acids, a novel retinoate was designed and synthesized with 4-aminophenol...

Authors: Hong Yan Jin, Wei Liu, Xu Xu Zheng, Jie Liu, Ai Ping Fan, Zhong Yi Yin

Abstract: In this work, the effect of split ratio and the column flow in determination of OCPs in Traditional Chinese medicines are discussed in the...

Authors: Ai Li, Guo Xing Yang, Wei Zhang

Abstract: To establish a rapid, sensitive and specific multiplex PCR method for the simultaneous detection of Staphylococcus aureus,...


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