Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiu Hong Jia, Ming Han, Yew Thean Cham, Bin Deng, Yan Xiao

Abstract: A heat transfer model of PEMFC is developed that captures dynamic behavior for control purposes in this paper. According to the law of...

Authors: Qiu Hong Jia, Yan Xiao, Yun Kang Cheng, Yan Ru Yang, Xiao Man Li

Abstract: Current logistics status of a company’s flywheel workshop has been analyzed, according to such main principles of enterprise logistics...

Authors: Shou Yi Bi, Xing Pei Liang

Abstract: In this paper, using the discrete element method (PFC2D)particle flow procedure to establish a model of cylindrical silo, in the...

Authors: Jin Guan, Feng Yan, Shuang Shi, Yun Li

Abstract: A method for the simultaneous separation and determination of vanillin and o-vanillin by capillary electrophoresis (CE) was...

Authors: Pi Xue Gong, Wei Hua Liu, Wen Wen Liu, Kang Du, Kang Liu, Wei Cao

Abstract: A simple, sensitive and rapid method for flow injection with chemiluminescence analysis has been developed for the determination of...

Authors: Hui Ping Liu, Jin Dong, Tao Xu, Feng Ru Wei, Ping Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, Provolone Cheeses were radialized by 60Co-γ of different doses, and they were stored. The impact of texture in the cheese...

Authors: Wen Zheng Shi, Xi Chang Wang, Miao Miao Ying, Yao Zhou Zhu, Ning Ping Tao, Yuan Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the volatile compounds of the dorsal meat of cultured grass carp in different seasons were identified by SPME(solid phase...

Authors: Wei Dong Huang, Sheng Fang Li, Tao Zou, Xian You Xia

Abstract: To elucidate the effects of implants fabricated by three-dimensional printing (3DP) technologies, a novel technique enables the complex...

Authors: Shang Ling Fang, Yu Fang Yang, Da Zhen, Mao Bin Chen

Abstract: In order to improve the quality of the black-skin-red-kojo, the Chinese rice wine yeast was introduced in the koji-making process,and...

Authors: Shu Xing Liu, Le Wang, Da Qing Yang

Abstract: In order to decrease the residue content of sulfite of apple slices, the desulfurization by water, alkali solution and ultrasonic were...


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