Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2005

Volumes 527-529

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Katsunori Danno, Tsunenobu Kimoto

Abstract: Deep levels in as-grown p-type 4H-SiC epilayers have been investigated by DLTS. Three deep hole traps (HK2, HK3 and HK4) can be detected by...

Authors: W.C. Mitchel, William D. Mitchell, S.R. Smith, G.R. Landis, A.O. Evwaraye, Z.Q. Fang, David C. Look, J.R. Sizelove

Abstract: A variety of 4H-SiC samples from undoped crystals grown by the physical vapor transport technique have been studied by temperature...

Authors: Z.Q. Fang, B. Claflin, David C. Look, L. Polenta, J. Chen, Thomas Anderson, W.C. Mitchel

Abstract: Thermally stimulated current spectroscopy (TSC) has been applied to characterize deep traps in high-purity semi-insulating 6H-SiC...

Authors: M. Duisenbaev

Abstract: In this paper superlinear dependence in the intensity–current characteristic, optical and temperature quenching of photocurrent and...

Authors: Mary Ellen Zvanut, Won Woo Lee, Hai Yan Wang, W.C. Mitchel, William D. Mitchell

Abstract: The high resistivity of SiC required for many device applications is achieved by compensating residual donors or acceptors with vanadium or...

Authors: Adam Gali, M. Bockstedte, Nguyen Tien Son, T. Umeda, Junichi Isoya, Erik Janzén

Abstract: Only recently the well-resolved hyperfine structure of the P6/P7 EPR center has been experimentally observed. Based on the calculated...

Authors: Nguyen Tien Son, T. Umeda, Junichi Isoya, Adam Gali, M. Bockstedte, Björn Magnusson, Alexsandre Ellison, Norio Morishita, Takeshi Ohshima, Hisayoshi Itoh, Erik Janzén

Abstract: Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) studies of the P6/P7 centers in 4H- and 6H-SiC are reported. The obtained principal values of the...

Authors: W.E. Carlos, E.R. Glaser, N.Y. Garces, B.V. Shanabrook, Mark A. Fanton

Abstract: High temperature anneals were used to study the evolution of native defects in semiinsulating (SI), ultrahigh purity SiC using electron...

Authors: Ivan V. Ilyin, Marina V. Muzafarova, E.N. Mokhov, Vladimir Ilich Sankin, P.G. Baranov, S.B. Orlinskii, J. Schmidt

Abstract: P6 and P7 centers, which are responsible for semi-insulating properties of SiC, were shown to be neutral Si-C divacancies (VSi-VC)o having...

Authors: M. Bockstedte, Adam Gali, T. Umeda, Nguyen Tien Son, Junichi Isoya, Erik Janzén

Abstract: The negative carbon vacancy antisite complex is analysed by ab initio theory in view of the SI5 EPR-center. The complex occurs in a...


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