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Authors: T. Umeda, Nguyen Tien Son, Junichi Isoya, Norio Morishita, Takeshi Ohshima, Hisayoshi Itoh, Erik Janzén
Abstract:We present new electron-paramagnetic-resonance (EPR) data on the HEI4/SI5 center in 4H-SiC. So far, the SI5 (SI-5) center has been observed...
Authors: N.Y. Garces, W.E. Carlos, E.R. Glaser, Sung Wook Huh, Hun Jae Chung, Saurav Nigam, A.Y. Polyakov, Marek Skowronski
Authors: M.V.B. Pinheiro, E. Rauls, Uwe Gerstmann, Siegmund Greulich-Weber, Johann Martin Spaeth, Harald Overhof
Authors: Marina V. Muzafarova, Ivan V. Ilyin, E.N. Mokhov, Vladimir Ilich Sankin, P.G. Baranov
Abstract:Two types of a new triplet centers labeled as N-V have been observed in heavily neutron irradiated (dose of 1021 cm-2) and high-temperature...
Authors: Ekaterina N. Kalabukhova, S.N. Lukin, D.V. Savchenko, W.C. Mitchel, Siegmund Greulich-Weber, E. Rauls, Uwe Gerstmann
Authors: Ekaterina N. Kalabukhova, S.N. Lukin, D.V. Savchenko, A.A. Sitnikov, W.C. Mitchel, S.R. Smith, Siegmund Greulich-Weber
Abstract:The decay kinetics of a persistent photoconductivity (PPC) in undoped semi-insulating 4H SiC and intercenter charge transfer were studied...
Authors: Patrick M. Lenahan, N.T. Pfeiffenberger, T.G. Pribicko, Aivars J. Lelis
Abstract:In this study, we report on the observation of recombination center defects in the base of 4H-SiC bipolar junction transistors. The defects...
Authors: X. Kerbiriou, Marie France Barthe, S. Esnouf, P. Desgardin, G. Blondiaux, G. Petite
Abstract:In this work we used Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy (PAS) and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) to investigate the properties of...
Authors: Reino Aavikko, Kimmo Saarinen, Björn Magnusson, Erik Janzén
Abstract:Positron annihilation radiation Doppler broadening spectroscopy was used to study defects in semi-insulating (SI) silicon carbide (SiC)...
Authors: Roland Püsche, Martin Hundhausen, Lothar Ley, Kurt Semmelroth, Gerhard Pensl, Patrick Desperrier, Peter J. Wellmann, Eugene E. Haller, J.W. Ager, Ulrich Starke
Abstract:We study electronic Raman scattering of phosphorus and nitrogen doped silicon carbide (SiC) as a function of temperature in the range 7K < T...
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