Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2005

Volumes 527-529

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ze Hong Zhang, Amitesh Shrivastava, Tangali S. Sudarshan

Abstract: Dislocations were tracked from 4H-SiC epilayer to the substrate by a new method based on combination of molten KOH etching and Reactive Ion...

Authors: Y. Yanagisawa, Tomoaki Hatayama, Hiroshi Yano, Yukiharu Uraoka, Takashi Fuyuki

Abstract: Propagations of dislocations in 4H-SiC were evaluated three-dimensionally by a planar mapping EBIC method with the control of accelerating...

Authors: Stanislav I. Soloviev, Peter M. Sandvik, Steve Arthur, Kevin Matocha, S.I. Maximenko, Tangali S. Sudarshan

Abstract: In this work, we investigated the effect of crystal defects on reverse I-V characteristics of avalanche photodiodes (APDs) using...

Authors: Michael A. Capano, A.R. Smith, Byeung C. Kim, E.P. Kvam, S. Tsoi, A.K. Ramdas, James A. Cooper

Abstract: 3C-SiC p-type epilayers were grown to thicknesses of 1.5, 3, 6 and 10 μm on 2.5° off-axis Si(001) substrates by chemical vapor deposition...

Authors: Etienne Pernot, J. Härtwig, Michel Pons, Roland Madar

Abstract: Recently, in some silicon carbide single crystals, some micropipes associated with screw dislocation have been observed by X-ray topography...

Authors: S.I. Maximenko, P. Pirouz, Tangali S. Sudarshan

Abstract: More than fifty years ago Frank proposed that a dislocation with a Burgers vector larger than a critical value would have an open core....

Authors: Ejiro Emorhokpor, E.P. Carlson, Jian Wei Wan, Arnd Dietrich Weber, C. Basceri, Jason R. Jenny, R. Sandhu, James D. Oliver, F. Burkeen, A. Somanchi, V. Velidandla, F. Orazio, A. Blew, M.S. Goorsky, Michael Dudley, William M. Vetter

Abstract: Micropipe density (MPD) is a crucial parameter for silicon carbide (SiC) substrates that determines the quality, stability and yield of the...

Authors: Jian Wei Wan, Seung Ho Park, Gil Chung, E.P. Carlson, Mark J. Loboda

Abstract: Micropipes are considered to be a major device killer in SiC wafers. Developing a method to count and map micropipes efficiently and...

Authors: Jie Dong, Li Wang, Xiao Bo Hu, Xian Xiang Li, Juan Li, Shou Zhen Jiang, Xiu Fang Chen, Xian Gang Xu, Min Hua Jiang

Abstract: 4H-SiC single crystal with a diameter of 1.5’’ has been grown by the seed sublimation method. Regions of mixed polytypes are assessed by...

Authors: Björn Magnusson, Reino Aavikko, Kimmo Saarinen, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén

Abstract: Semi-insulating SiC grown by the HTCVD technique are studied by luminescence and absorption measurements and the results are compared to...


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