Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2005

Volumes 527-529

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Francesco Moscatelli, Andrea Scorzoni, Antonella Poggi, Mara Bruzzi, Stefano Lagomarsino, Silvio Sciortino, Günter Wagner, Roberta Nipoti

Abstract: In this work ion-implanted p+/n diodes have been used as minimum ionizing particle (MIP) detectors. The diode structure is based on a 0.45...

Authors: Evgenia V. Kalinina, Anatoly M. Strel'chuk, Alexander A. Lebedev, Nikita B. Strokan, Alexander M. Ivanov, G. Kholuyanov

Abstract: The effect of irradiation with protons, electrons, neutrons, x-ray radiation and gamma-ray photons as well as with different ions on...

Authors: Rositza Yakimova, Alexander A. Lebedev, Alexander M. Ivanov, Nikita B. Strokan, Mikael Syväjärvi

Abstract: A full modeling of deceleration of α-particles in SiC is carried out using a Monte-Carlo method. The distribution of energy losses in...

Authors: Charles R. Eddy, N.D. Bassim, Michael A. Mastro, R.L. Henry, Mark E. Twigg, Ronald T. Holm, James C. Culbertson, Philip G. Neudeck, J. Anthony Powell, Andrew J. Trunek

Abstract: Silicon carbide (SiC) has become the substrate of choice for III-N epilayers applied to electronic devices due to the lack of a native...

Authors: Donat J. As, S. Potthast, J. Schörmann, S.F. Li, K. Lischka, Hiroyuki Nagasawa, Masayuki Abe

Abstract: Cubic GaN, AlxGa1-xN/GaN and InyGa1-yN/GaN multiple quantum well (MQW) layers were grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy on 200...

Authors: Mitsuaki Shimizu, Hiroshi Chonan, Guaxi Piao, Hajime Okumura, Hisayuki Nakanishi

Abstract: In order to improve the crystal quality of MBE-grown GaN layers we employed a high temperature growth process and enhanced the lateral...

Authors: Z. Gu, J.H. Edgar, Balaji Raghothamachar, Michael Dudley, Dejin Zhuang, Zlatko Sitar

Abstract: The benefits of depositing AlN-SiC alloy transition layers on SiC substrates before the seeded growth of bulk AlN crystals were determined....

Authors: Mikhail Anikin, Didier Chaussende, Etienne Pernot, O. Chaix-Pluchery, H. Roussel, Michel Pons, Roland Madar

Abstract: AlN is considered as the most suitable substrate material for further development of high quality and high performance nitride-based micro-...

Authors: Ümit Özgür, Y. Fu, Cole W. Litton, Y.T. Moon, F. Yun, H.O. Everitt, Hadis Morkoç

Abstract: Improved structural quality and radiative efficiency were observed in GaN thin films grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition on in...

Authors: N.D. Bassim, Mark E. Twigg, Michael A. Mastro, Philip G. Neudeck, Charles R. Eddy, R.L. Henry, R.N. Holm, J. Anthony Powell, Andrew J. Trunek

Abstract: Through the use of specially-prepared on-axis SiC substrates with patterned mesa tops completely free of atomic-scale surface steps, we...


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