Silicon Carbide and Related Materials 2005

Volumes 527-529

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Takeshi Ohshima, Takahiro Satoh, Masakazu Oikawa, Shinobu Onoda, Toshio Hirao, Hisayoshi Itoh

Abstract: The charge generated in 6H-SiC n+p diodes by oxygen (O) ion irradiation at energies between 6 and 15 MeV was evaluated using the Transient...

Authors: M.V.S. Chandrashekhar, Christopher I. Thomas, Hui Li, Michael G. Spencer, Amit Lal

Abstract: A betavoltaic cell in 4H SiC is demonstrated. An abrupt p-n diode structure was used to collect the charge from a 1mCi Ni-63 source. An...

Authors: Brett A. Hull, Mrinal K. Das, Jim Richmond, Bradley Heath, Joseph J. Sumakeris, Bruce Geil, Charles Scozzie

Abstract: Forward voltage (VF) drift, in which a 4H-SiC PiN diode suffers from an irreversible increase in VF under forward current flow, continues...

Authors: Koji Nakayama, Yoshitaka Sugawara, R. Ishii, Hidekazu Tsuchida, Toshiyuki Miyanagi, Isaho Kamata, Tomonori Nakamura

Abstract: Forward voltage degradation has been reduced by fabricating diodes on the (000-1)C-face. The reverse recovery characteristics of the 4H-SiC...

Authors: Peter A. Losee, Can Hua Li, R.J. Kumar, T. Paul Chow, I. Bhat, Ronald J. Gutmann, Robert E. Stahlbush

Abstract: The on-state and switching performance of high voltage 4H-SiC junction rectifiers are compared using numerical simulations and experimental...

Authors: Lin Zhu, Peter A. Losee, T. Paul Chow, Kenneth A. Jones, Charles Scozzie, Matthew H. Ervin, Pankaj B. Shah, Michael A. Derenge, R.D. Vispute, T. Venkatesan, Anant K. Agarwal

Abstract: 4H-SiC PiN rectifiers with implanted anode and single-zone JTE were fabricated using AlN capped anneal. The surface damage during the high...

Authors: Ming Su, Xiao Bin Xin, Larry X. Li, Jian H. Zhao

Abstract: We present the design and fabrication of the first high-voltage 4H-SiC RF power limiter. First, Schottky and PiN diodes are compared for...

Authors: Mykola S. Boltovets, Volodymyr V. Basanets, Nicolas Camara, Valentyn A. Krivutsa, Konstantinos Zekentes

Abstract: The packaged microwave 4H SiC pin diode chips (with i-region length of 6 μm, mesa diameter of 80 μm and blocking voltage of 1000 V) were...

Authors: Mykola S. Boltovets, Volodymyr V. Basanets, A.V. Zorenko, Valentyn A. Krivutsa, Nicolas Camara, V.O. Orechovskij, V.I. Simonchuk, Konstantinos Zekentes

Abstract: The results of mathematical simulation, development and investigation of a modulator with 4H SiC pin diodes are presented. We simulated the...

Authors: Andres Udal, Enn Velmre

Abstract: The temperature-dependences of ionized dopant concentration at different doping levels are generalized and the preconditions for thermal...


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