Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XI

Volumes 108-109

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M. Baran, L. Khomenkova, N. Korsunska, T. Stara, Moissei K. Sheinkman, V. Yukhymchuk, V. Khomenkov, Y. Goldstein, J. Jedrzejewski, E. Savir

Abstract: The aging process of silicon nanostructures obtained by magnetron sputtering and electrochemical etching is investigated by...

Authors: M.D. Efremov, Vladimir A. Volodin, D.V. Marin, Sofia A. Arzhannikova, M.G. Ivanov, S.V. Gorajnov, A.I. Korchagin, V.V. Cherepkov, A.V. Lavrukhin, S.N. Fadeev, R.A. Salimov, S.P. Bardakhanov

Abstract: Silicon nanopowders were produced using electron-beam-induced evaporation of bulk silicon ingots in various gas atmosphere. Optical...

Authors: Jeremie Grisolia, M. Shalchian, G. Benassayag, H. Coffin, C. Bonafos, C. Dumas, S.M. Atarodi, A. Claverie

Abstract: In this paper, we have studied the evolution of quantum electronic features with the size of silicon nanoparticles embedded in an ultra-thin...

Authors: Ida E. Tyschenko, A.A. Frantsuzov, O.V. Naumova, B.I. Fomin, D.V. Nikolaev, V.P. Popov

Abstract: Electro-physical properties of metal-oxide-silicon (MOS) structures and MOS transistors, prepared in the top silicon layer of...

Authors: Vladimir A. Volodin, E.B. Gorokhov, D.V. Marin, A.G. Cherkov, Anton K. Gutakovskii, M.D. Efremov

Abstract: Ge nanocrystals (NCs) in GeO2 films obtained with the use of two methods were studied. The first method is a film deposition from...

Authors: Wolfgang Düngen, Reinhart Job, Yue Ma, Yue Long Huang, Wolfgang R. Fahrner, L.O. Keller, J.T. Horstmann

Abstract: µ-Raman measurements were carried out on hydrogen implanted, plasma hydrogenated and subsequently annealed Cz Silicon samples, respectively....

Authors: Robert J. Falster, Vladimir V. Voronkov, V.Y. Resnick, M.G. Mil'vidskii

Abstract: This paper presents a qualitative description and quantitative model of the technologically important problem of the transition from...

Authors: Kozo Nakamura, Junsuke Tomioka

Abstract: This paper presents a model for the analysis of the surface nucleation and growth of Ni silicide on silicon wafers contaminated by Ni. The...

Authors: R. Khalil, Vitaly V. Kveder, Wolfgang Schröter, Michael Seibt

Abstract: Deep electronic states associated with iron silicide precipitates have been studied by means of deep-level transient spectroscopy. The...

Authors: Kazuhito Matsukawa, Nobusuke Hattori, Shigeto Maegawa, Koun Shirai, Hiroshi Katayama-Yoshida

Abstract: The binding energy between 3d transition metals (TM) such as iron (Fe), nickel (Ni) and copper (Cu), and boron (B) in Si are studied using...


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