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Authors: Vladimir V. Voronkov, Robert J. Falster
Abstract:There are several phenomena where the properties of vacancies and self-interstitials in silicon are manifested in straightforward ways. These...
Authors: Timo Müller, G. Kissinger, P. Krottenthaler, C. Seuring, R. Wahlich, Wilfried von Ammon
Abstract:Thermal treatments to enhance precipitation like RTA, ramp anneal and argon anneal were performed on low oxygen 300 mm wafers without vacancy...
Authors: G. Kissinger, Timo Müller, Andreas Sattler, W. Häckl, M. Weber, U. Lambert, A. Huber, P. Krottenthaler, Hans Richter, Wilfried von Ammon
Abstract:Nitrogen doping of CZ silicon results in an early formation of large precipitate nuclei during crystal cooling, which are stable at 900°C....
Authors: G. Benassayag, M. Shalchian, Jeremie Grisolia, C. Bonafos, S.M. Atarodi, A. Claverie
Abstract:In this paper, we present a study on the contribution of silicon nanocrystals to the electrical transport characteristics of large (100 m x...
Authors: Jesper Skov Jensen, Tom P. Leervad Pedersen, Rui Pereira, Pia Bomholt, Jacques Chevallier, Ole Hansen, Arne Nylandsted Larsen, Brian Bech Nielsen
Abstract:Nanocrystals have attracted considerable attention in recent years because of their potential applications as a light source in Si...
Authors: Ida E. Tyschenko, A.B. Talochkin, E.N. Vandyshev, A.G. Cherkov, Andrzej Misiuk
Abstract:The properties of Si and Ge nanocrystals with uniformly strained Si-Si and Ge-Ge bonds have been studied. The strained Si and Ge nanocrystals...
Authors: Y. Amhouche, K. Rais
Abstract:The aim of this work is to study the physical obstacles introduced by the use of high-k MOSFETs structures and discuss basic problems...
Authors: Sofia A. Arzhannikova, M.D. Efremov, Vladimir A. Volodin, G.N. Kamaev, D.V. Marin, S.A. Soldatenkov, V.S. Shevchuk, S.A. Kochubei, A.A. Popov, Yu. A. Minakov
Abstract:The laser assisted formation of silicon nanocrystals in SiNx films deposited on quartz and silicon substrates is studied. The Raman...
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