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Authors: G. Gaudin, Frédéric Cayrel, Corrado Bongiorno, Robert Jérisian, Vito Raineri, Daniel Alquier
Abstract:Silicon-based power device performances are largely affected by metal contamination occurring during device manufacturing. Among the usual...
Authors: V. Khomenkov, D. Bisello, M. Boscardin, Mara Bruzzi, A. Candelori, G.-F. Dalla Betta, A.P. Litovchenko, C. Piemonte, R. Rando, F. Ravotti, N. Zorzi
Abstract:Radiation hardness of silicon detectors based on thin epitaxial layer for the LHC upgrade was studied. No type inversion was observed after...
Authors: Reinhard Kögler, A. Mücklich, J.R. Kaschny, H. Reuther, F. Eichhorn, H. Hutter, Wolfgang Skorupa
Abstract:Different methods of defect engineering are applied in this study for ion beam synthesis of a buried layer of SiC and SiO2 in Si. The initial...
Authors: M. Kunst, Frank Wünsch, O. Abdallah, G. Citarella
Abstract:Surface passivation in silicon wafers is investigated by contactless photoconductance measurements. It is shown that the deposition of a-Si:H...
Authors: Daniel Kropman, U. Abru, Tiit Kärner, U. Ugaste, E. Mellikov, M. Kauk, Ivo Heinmaa, A. Samoson, Arthur Medvid
Abstract:The type and density of the point defects that are generated in the Si surface layer during thermal oxidation depend on the oxidation...
Authors: V.A. Makara, L.P. Steblenko, Yu.L. Kolchenko, S.M. Naumenko, O.A. Patran, V.M. Kravchenko, O.S. Dranenko
Abstract:A possibility of magnetic-field-induced modification of structural defects in silicon crystals is studied. It is shown that magnetic field...
Authors: Arthur Medvid, Pavels Onufrijevs, Dainis Grabovskis, Aleksandrs Mychko, Valentinas Snitka, Petr M. Lytvyn, Valentina Plaushinaitiene
Authors: Andrzej Misiuk, Barbara Surma, Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk
Abstract:Effect of hydrostatic pressure (HP) on out – annealing of defects in self – implanted silicon (Si:Si, Si+ doses 5x1016 cm-2 and 1x1017 cm-2,...
Authors: S. Peripolli, Marie France Beaufort, David Babonneau, Sophie Rousselet, P.F.P. Fichtner, L. Amaral, Erwan Oliviero, Jean François Barbot, S.E. Donnelly
Abstract:In the present work, we report on the effects of the implantation temperature on the formation of bubbles and extended defects in...
Authors: Koji Sueoka, S. Shiba, S. Fukutani
Abstract:Theoretical consideration for technologically important phenomena in defect engineering of Czochralski silicon was performed with first...
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