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Authors: Marie-Laure David, Eddy Simoen, Cor Claeys, V.B. Neimash, M. Kras'ko, A. Kraitchinskii, V. Voytovych, A. Kabaldin, Jean François Barbot
Abstract:Different group IV impurities (Pb, C, and Sn) have been introduced in the melt during the growth of n-type Czochralski silicon. The samples...
Authors: Teimuraz Mchedlidze
Abstract:Hitherto unreported ESR signal, labeled TU10, was detected after annealing of electronirradiated silicon samples doped with phosphorus, iron...
Authors: Mohammad B. Shabani, K. Hirano, Y. Shiina, T. Kihara, T. Shingyoji
Authors: Filippo Giannazzo, E. Bruno, S. Mirabella, G. Impellizzeri, E. Napolitani, Vito Raineri, F. Priolo, Daniel Alquier
Abstract:In this work, we investigate the effect of performing a high dose 20 keV He+ implant before the implantation of B at low energy (3 keV) in...
Authors: Yuri A. Astrov, L.M. Portsel, A.N. Lodygin, V.B. Shuman, E.V. Beregulin
Abstract:The work aims at approaching the solution of the problem of developing sensitive silicon detectors for high speed IR imaging devices which...
Authors: N. Fujita, R. Jones, Jonathan P. Goss, Thomas Frauenheim, Patrick R. Briddon, Sven Öberg
Authors: Vasilii E. Gusakov
Abstract:A theoretical modelling of the oxygen diffusivity in silicon, germanium and Si1-xGex (O) crystals both at normal and high hydrostatic...
Authors: Pavel Hazdra, Jan Vobecký
Abstract:The in-diffusion of platinum into a low-doped n-type float zone silicon guided and enhanced by radiation damage produced by co-implantation...
Authors: M.M. De Souza, Srinivasan Chakravarthi, Amitabh Jain
Abstract:Heavy species such as Sb, In, and Ge are required to meet the challenges of future dopant engineering in planar CMOS technology. An...
Authors: S. Nicolaysen, Mariya G. Ganchenkova, Risto M. Nieminen
Abstract:The effect of compressive and tensile plane-stress loading on formation energies and electronic properties of vacancies and divacancies in...
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