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Authors: Olga V. Feklisova, Eugene B. Yakimov
Authors: Maria Luisa Polignano, Daniele Caputo, Davide Codegoni, Vittorio Privitera, M. Riva
Abstract:The properties of cobalt as a contaminant in p-type silicon are studied by using cobaltimplanted wafers annealed by RTP or by RTP plus a low...
Authors: Tonio Buonassisi, Andrei A. Istratov, M.A. Marcus, Matthias Heuer, M.D. Pickett, B. Lai, Z. Cai, Steve M. Heald, Eicke R. Weber
Abstract:We present a comprehensive description of synchrotron-based analytical microprobe techniques used to locally measure the diffusion length and...
Authors: Olivier Palais, Mustapha Lemiti, Jean-Francois Lelievre, Santo Martinuzzi
Abstract:In this work the efficiencies of different surface passivation techniques are compared. This paper emphasizes on the passivation provided by...
Authors: M. Porrini, Ivo Crössmann, M.G. Pretto, R. Scala, Reinhard Wolf
Abstract:This work proposes some improvements over the current state-of-the-art of carbon measurement in silicon by means of Fourier Transform...
Authors: Thomas Steinegger, M. Naumann, F.G. Kirscht
Abstract:Laser scattering tomography (LST) and band-to-band photoluminescence (PL) are applied for supporting a MEMS process optimization. Process...
Authors: Peter Formanek, Martin Kittler
Abstract:We report on electron holography as a promising candidate for diagnostics in silicon technology and research. Electron holography determines...
Authors: N. Inoue, M. Nakatsu, K. Tanahashi, Hiroshi Yamada-Kaneta, Haruhiko Ono, V.D. Akhmetov, O. Lysytskiy, Hans Richter
Authors: N.Yu. Arutyunov, Valentin V. Emtsev
Abstract:A probing of the atomic environment of positron in Cz-Si single crystal heat-treated at T=600C and T=450C has been performed by...
Authors: N. Inoue, M. Nakatsu
Abstract:Measurement of carbon concentration in CZ silicon by infrared absorption spectroscopy was examined. Noise level was suppressed down to 10-4...
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