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Authors: Sergei K. Brantov, Vitaly V. Kveder, N.N. Kuznetzov, Valeri I. Orlov
Abstract:The paper describes the elaboration of a method for producing composite Si/SiC wafers and investigation of their properties. The known...
Authors: A.E. Belyaev, O. Polupan, W. Dallas, Sergei S. Ostapenko, D. Hess, John Wohlgemuth
Abstract:An experimental approach for fast crack detection and length determination in fullsize solar-grade crystalline silicon wafers using a...
Authors: Michael Ghosh, Marc Dietrich, Armin Müller, Stefan Peters, Detlef Sontag, Holger Neuhaus
Authors: Daniel Macdonald, Thomas Roth, L.J. Geerligs, Andres Cuevas
Abstract:Changes in the concentration of interstitial iron in multicrystalline silicon wafers after high temperature annealing (900°C) have been...
Authors: Santo Martinuzzi, Francesca Ferrazza, Isabelle Périchaud
Authors: M. Rossberg, M. Naumann, K. Irmscher, U. Juda, A. Lüdge, Michael Ghosh, Armin Müller
Abstract:The structural and electrical properties of as grown multicrystalline (mc) solar silicon have been characterized with special emphasis on the...
Authors: Eddy Simoen, Cor Claeys, Eugenijus Gaubas, J.M. Rafí
Abstract:An overview is given of analytical techniques for the characterization of the electrical and transport parameters in thin (<1 µm)...
Authors: Yue Long Huang, Eddy Simoen, Cor Claeys, Reinhart Job, Yue Ma, Wolfgang Düngen, Wolfgang R. Fahrner, J. Versluys, Paul Clauws
Abstract:P-n junctions are created in p-type Czochralski silicon after a low temperature (270°C) hydrogen plasma exposure. This is attributed to the...
Authors: Jan H. Bleka, Edouard V. Monakhov, Alexander G. Ulyashin, F. Danie Auret, Andrej Yu. Kuznetsov, B.S. Avset, Bengt Gunnar Svensson
Authors: F. Danie Auret, A.G.M. Das, C. Nyamhere, M. Hayes, N.G. van der Berg
Abstract:In this study we have investigated the thermal stability (in the range 100 oC - 900 oC) of defects introduced in p-Si by electron beam...
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