Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XII

Volumes 131-133

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vladimir P. Markevich, Anthony R. Peaker, I.F. Medvedeva, Vasilii E. Gusakov, L.I. Murin, Bengt Gunnar Svensson

Abstract: The influence of Cu contamination on radiation-induced defect reactions in n-type Czochralski-grown silicon (Cz-Si) crystals has been...

Authors: Isabella Mica, Maria Luisa Polignano, Emiliano Bonera, Gian Pietro Carnevale, P. Magni

Abstract: In this work we discuss an original analysis about a method to reduce the dislocation density in the devices that use the Shallow Trench...

Authors: Andrzej Misiuk, Adam Barcz, Lee Chow, Barbara Surma, Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk, M. Prujszczyk

Abstract: The effect of hydrostatic argon pressure equal to 105 Pa and 1.1 GPa applied to processing at up to 1270 K (HT) of Si:Cr samples prepared...

Authors: Jan Vobecký

Abstract: Low-temperature diffusion of palladium (450–700 oC) from an implanted layer (9.5 MeV, 1β‹…1013cm-2) deep into the volume of a high-power...

Authors: Vladimir V. Voronkov, G.I. Voronkova, A.V. Batunina, Robert J. Falster, V.N. Golovina, A.S. Guliaeva, N.B. Tiurina, M.G. Milvidski

Abstract: The time dependence of thermal donor (TD) concentration, N(t), during annealing at 450oC was measured in samples cut from a single slab of...

Authors: Xin Zhu, De Ren Yang, Ming Li, Can Cui, Lei Wang, Xiang Yang Ma, Duan Lin Que

Abstract: The thermal donor formation at 425oC - 450oC in Ge doped Czochralski (GCZ) silicon having about 1016 cm-3 Ge content pretreated by rapid...

Authors: Mohammad B. Shabani, T. Yamashita, E. Morita

Abstract: The effectiveness of phosphorus diffusion gettering (PDG) and related segregation coefficients for different metal impurities were measured...

Authors: V.G. Litovchenko, I.P. Lisovskyy, Cor Claeys, V.P. Kladko, S.O. Zlobin, M.V. Muravska, O.O. Efremov, M.V. Slobodjan

Abstract: IR-spectroscopy with computer analysis of the shape of the Si-O absorption band, electron microscopy, X-rays diffraction and measurements...

Authors: G. Kissinger, A. Fischer, G. Ritter, V.D. Akhmetov, Martin Kittler

Abstract: The gravitational induced shear stresses in 200 mm silicon wafers supported in verticaltype or horizontal-type furnace were calculated...

Authors: Simona Binetti, Maurizio Acciarri, Joris Libal

Abstract: Aim of this work is to study the electrical properties and the minority charge carrier recombination behaviour of extended defects in...


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