Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XII

Volumes 131-133

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Anis M. Saad, Oleg Velichko, Yu P. Shaman, Adam Barcz, Andrzej Misiuk, A.K. Fedotov

Abstract: The silicon substrates were hydrogenated at approximately room temperature and hydrogen concentration profiles vs. depth have been measured...

Authors: J.M. Rafí, L. Cardona-Safont, M. Zabala, C. Boulord, F. Campabadal, G. Pellegrini, M. Lozano, Eddy Simoen, Cor Claeys

Abstract: In order to identify an appropriate low-temperature surface passivation that could be used for bulk lifetime estimation of high resistivity...

Authors: Jany Thibault-Pénisson, Martin J. Hÿtch

Abstract: Strains around a constricted matrix dislocation in a coherent twin grain boundary in germanium is measured by a combination of...

Authors: Vito Raineri, Patrick Fiorenza, Raffaella Lo Nigro, Derek C. Sinclair

Abstract: Scanning probe microscopy with conductive tips has been used to image the dielectric properties of ceramics with giant permittivity. In...

Authors: Takashi Sekiguchi, J. Chen, Masami Takase, Naoki Fukata, Naoto Umezawa, Kenji Ohmori, Toyohiro Chikyo, Ryu Hasunuma, Kikuo Yamabe, Seiji Inumiya, Yasuo Nara

Abstract: We have succeeded in imaging the leakage sites of hafnium silicate gate dielectrics of metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors...

Authors: Hiroshi Yamada-Kaneta, Terutaka Goto, Yuichi Nemoto, Koji Sato, Masatoshi Hikin, Yasuhiro Saito, Shintaro Nakamura

Abstract: The low-temperature ultrasonic experiments are performed to measure the distribution of vacancy concentration in the ingot of the...

Authors: Sofia A. Arzhannikova, M.D. Efremov, Vladimir A. Volodin, G.N. Kamaev, D.V. Marin, V.S. Shevchuk, S.A. Kochubei, A.A. Popov, Yu. A. Minakov

Abstract: Characterisation of three-layer dielectric embedded into MDS-structure (Metal- Dielectric-Silicon) was provided in the dark and under light...

Authors: G. Borionetti, S. Cox, P. Godio, I. Gohar, J. Pitney, M. Seacrist

Abstract: The need of an effective control of residual metal content inside the silicon epitaxial wafers is revamping for CCD and CMOS applications,...

Authors: Federico Boscherini, D. De Salvador, G. Bisognin, G. Ciatto

Abstract: X-ray absorption fine structure can determine the local structure of most atoms in the periodic table. The great recent improvements in the...

Authors: Vladimir A. Volodin, M.D. Efremov, G.A. Kachurin, S.A. Kochubei, A.G. Cherkov, M. Deutschmann, N. Baersch

Abstract: Thin (90 nm) a-Si:H films on Corning 7059 glass substrates have been crystallized by 120 fs pulses of Ti:sapphire and nanosecond pulse XeCl...


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