Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XII

Volumes 131-133

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: P. Śpiewak, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski, Koji Sueoka, Igor Romandic, Jan Vanhellemont

Abstract: Density functional theory (DFT) with local density approximation has been used to calculate the formation energy (EF) of the neutral...

Authors: Laurent Pizzagalli, Guillaume Lucas

Abstract: Using first principles molecular dynamics and Nudged Elastic Band calculations, we have investigated the effect of irradiation on cubic...

Authors: A. Carvalho, R. Jones, C. Janke, Sven Öberg, Patrick R. Briddon

Abstract: The properties of point defects introduced by low temperature electron irradiation of germanium are investigated by first-principles...

Authors: N. Fujita, R. Jones, Sven Öberg, Patrick R. Briddon, A.T. Blumenau

Abstract: Recently, the interaction of copper with dislocations in p-type Si/SiGe/Si structures has been investigated experimentally and a new...

Authors: N. Fujita, R. Jones, T.A.G. Eberlein, Sven Öberg, Patrick R. Briddon

Abstract: In this paper we investigate the formation of interstitial nitrogen trimers N3 which have been suggested as a fast-diffusing species in...

Authors: Vasilii E. Gusakov, V.I. Belko, N.N. Dorozhkin

Abstract: A theoretical modeling of the diffusion of self-interstitials in silicon and germanium crystals both at normal and high hydrostatic...

Authors: Alberto Martinez-Limia, Peter Pichler, Christian Steen, Silke Paul, Wilfried Lerch

Abstract: We have developed a diffusion and activation model for implanted arsenic in silicon. The model includes the dynamic formation of...

Authors: A.I. Prostomolotov, N.A. Verezub

Abstract: The features of microdefect formation during dislocation-free Si single crystals are considered in connection with the specific thermal CZ...

Authors: Martin Kittler, Manfred Reiche, Tzanimir Arguirov, Teimuraz Mchedlidze, Winfried Seifert, O.F. Vyvenko, T. Wilhelm, X. Yu
Authors: G. Kissinger, J. Dabrowski, Andreas Sattler, Timo Müller, Wilfried von Ammon

Abstract: The coherent agglomeration of interstitial oxygen into single-plane and double-plane plates can explain the two peaks in the M-shaped...


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