Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XII

Volumes 131-133

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Vitaly V. Kveder, Valeri I. Orlov, M. Khorosheva, Michael Seibt

Abstract: We investigated the development of dislocation-related DLTS spectra in n-CZ-Si crystals with small (about 7.104 cm-2) number of long...

Authors: Hele Savin, Marko Yli-Koski, Antti Haarahiltunen, H. Talvitie, Juha Sinkkonen

Abstract: The impact of nickel on minority carrier recombination lifetime has been studied in ptype CZ silicon using SPV and μ-PCD techniques. The...

Authors: T.D Dzhafarov, S. Aydin, D. Oren

Abstract: Current-voltage characteristics of Schottky-type Ag/Porous Silicon (Ag/PS) structures in normal air, humid ambient and in different...

Authors: A.V. Frantskevich, Anis M. Saad, A.K. Fedotov, E.I. Rau, A.V. Mazanik, N.V. Frantskevich

Abstract: The main goal of this work is to demonstrate the correlation between the density and type of surface defects arising during the formation...

Authors: Pavel Hazdra, Volodymyr V. Komarnitskyy

Abstract: The effect of high-energy hydrogen and helium implantation and subsequent annealing on generation of radiation defects and shallow donors...

Authors: N. Inoue, Y. Goto, T. Sugiyama

Abstract: Complexes formed by low dose irradiation with electron (1015-16/cm2) and He (5x1012- 5x1013/cm2) in the relatively low carbon concentration...

Authors: A.N. Tereshchenko, E.A. Steinman

Abstract: In this paper we present a detailed investigation of peculiarities of dislocation related D1/D2 bands behavior in silicon doped with Cu....

Authors: Vladimir V. Voronkov, Robert J. Falster

Abstract: Nitrogen in silicon is known to affect dramatically the properties of voids. A plausible mechanism could be vacancy trapping by nitrogen...

Authors: R. Jones

Abstract: Oxygen precipitation in Si is a complex set of processes which has been studied over many years. Here we review theoretical work relating...

Authors: Stefan K. Estreicher, Mahdi Sanati, N. Gonzalez Szwacki

Abstract: Interstitial iron and iron-acceptor pairs are well studied but undesirable defects in Si as they are strong recombination centers which...


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