Gettering and Defect Engineering in Semiconductor Technology XII

Volumes 131-133

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Teimuraz Mchedlidze, Tzanimir Arguirov, Martin Kittler, T. Hoang, Jisk Holleman, P. LeMinh, Jurriaan Schmitz

Abstract: Luminescence properties of silicon light emitting diodes with engineered dislocation loops were investigated. Dislocation loops were formed...

Authors: Heidi Nordmark, Alexander G. Ulyashin, John Charles Walmsley, Randi Holmestad

Abstract: Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) have been used to compare hydrogen defects formed in p doped...

Authors: Heidi Nordmark, Alexander G. Ulyashin, John Charles Walmsley, Arve Holt, Randi Holmestad

Abstract: Hydrogenated n and p doped Czochralski Si substrates have been studied by means of atomic force microscopy, scanning and transmission...

Authors: Magnus C. Wagener, R.H. Zhang, W. Zhao, M. Seacrist, M. Ries, George A. Rozgonyi

Abstract: This paper describes a series of electrical measurements and sample modifications that enabled the electrical properties of...

Authors: Jadwiga Bak-Misiuk, Elżbieta Dynowska, Przemyslaw Romanowski, A. Shalimov, Andrzej Misiuk, S. Kret, P. Dłużewski, J. Domagala, Wolfgang Caliebe, Jerzy Dabrowski, M. Prujszczyk

Abstract: The structure studies of single crystalline silicon implanted at 340 K or 610 K with Mn+ ions (Si:Mn) and subsequently processed under...

Authors: Anis M. Saad, Olga V. Zinchuk, N.A. Drozdov, A.K. Fedotov, A.V. Mazanik

Abstract: The main goal of this work is to investigate the influence of low-temperature argon ionbeam treatment on the electric and structural...

Authors: Reinhard Kögler, A. Mücklich, W. Anwand, F. Eichhorn, Wolfgang Skorupa

Abstract: SIMOX (Separation-by-Implantation-of-Oxygen) is an established technique to fabricate silicon-on-insulator (SOI) structures by oxygen ion...

Authors: Daniel Kropman, E. Mellikov, Tiit Kärner, Ü. Ugaste, Tony Laas, Ivo Heinmaa, U. Abru, Arthur Medvid

Abstract: The type and density of the point defects that are generated in the Si surface layer during thermal oxidation depend on the oxidation...

Authors: Charalamos A. Londos, G.D. Antonaras, M.S. Potsidi, Efstratia N. Sgourou, I.V. Antonova, Andrzej Misiuk

Abstract: Fast neutron irradiations on pre-treated Cz-grown silicon were carried out. The pretreatments involved thermal anneals at 450 oC and 650 oC...

Authors: O. Marcelot, A. Claverie, Daniel Alquier, Frédéric Cayrel, Wilfried Lerch, Silke Paul, L. Rubin, Vito Raineri, Filippo Giannazzo, H. Jaouen

Abstract: We have designed a set of experiments in which a controlled supersaturation of vacancies can be maintained constant during annealing of a...


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