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Authors: Manfred Reiche, O. Moutanabbir, Jan Hoentschel, U.M. Gösele, Stefan Flachowsky, Manfred Horstmann
Abstract:Strained silicon channels are one of the most important Technology Boosters for further Si CMOS developments. The mobility enhancement...
Authors: Oleg Kononchuk, Didier Landru, Christelle Veytizou
Abstract:High temperature annealing of SOI wafers in non-oxidized ambient leads to internal Buried Oxide (BOX) dissolution. The underlying mechanisms...
Authors: J. Kouvetakis, Jose Menendez, John Tolle
Abstract:Group-IV semiconductors, including alloys incorporating Sn, have been grown on dimensionally dissimilar Si substrates using novel molecular...
Authors: V.I. Vdovin, N.D. Zakharov, Eckhard Pippel, P. Werner, M.G. Milvidskii, M. Ries, M. Seacrist, Robert J. Falster
Abstract:Kinetics of oxide layer dissolution and atomic structure of Si-Si interface in Si wafer bonded structures have been investigated by...
Authors: N.V. Frantskevich, A.V. Frantskevich, A.K. Fedotov, A.V. Mazanik
Abstract:Standard p-type 12 cm Cz Si wafers were implanted by helium ions. The implanted and nonimplanted samples were subsequently subjected to...
Authors: Feng Liu, Huan Peng Han, Yi Meng Wang, Li Ying Tong
Authors: Douglas M. Jordan, Kanad Mallik, Robert J. Falster, Peter R. Wilshaw
Abstract:The concept of fully encapsulated, semi-insulating silicon (SI-Si), Czochralski-silicon-on-insulator (CZ-SOI) substrates for silicon...
Authors: Antonio Luque, Antonio Martí
Abstract:The state of the art of the intermediate band solar cells is presented with emphasis on the use of impurities or alloys to form bulk...
Authors: Vladimir V. Voronkov, G.I. Voronkova, A.V. Batunina, V.N. Golovina, Robert J. Falster, M. Cornara, N.B. Tiurina, A.S. Guliaeva
Abstract:The generation of Thermal Donors in Si is a nucleation process controlled by several mobile On clusters. The rate-limiting transitions are...
Authors: A. Andrianakis, Charalamos A. Londos, Andrzej Misiuk, Valentin V. Emtsev, Gagik A. Oganesyan, H. Ohyama
Abstract:We report studies of defects in electron-irradiated Czochralski-grown silicon (Cz-Si) subjected to thermal treatments at 1000oC and 1130oC...
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