Advanced Research on Information Science, Automation and Material System

Volumes 219-220

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bin Yu, Yong Xing Jin, Bin Zheng, Xiao Dong Zhang

Abstract: Based on detailed analysis of the risk of bulk chemical tanker transportation, a societal risk acceptance criterion is established. The...

Authors: Kao Feng Yarn, King Kung Wu, Long Yeu Chung

Abstract: A new photovoltaic solar cell charging system with fuzzy logic control is proposed and designed. This kind of solar energy storage system is...

Authors: Li Wei Hu, Yu Long Pei, Xue Li

Abstract: Base on researching the source and development of fault tolerance theory, this paper discusses the working mechanism of fault tolerance, and...

Authors: Li Wei Hu, Yu Long Pei, Chuan Yun Fu

Abstract: Some factors affect the driving behavior seriously, for example driving visibility, velocity, headway, driver’s vision and...

Authors: Jin Liang Gong, Yan Fei Zhang, Xiu Ting Wei

Abstract: Redundant parallel robots have been under increasing developments from a theoretical view point as well as for practical applications....

Authors: Chun Li Guo, Cheng Kang Xie, Fei Shen

Abstract: Boundary control of two-dimensional wave equation on the rectangle is considered in this paper. Boundary controllers are designed through...

Authors: Li Na Wang

Abstract: In this paper, we investigated the problem of spectrum sensing to identify primary users in cognitive radio networks. And then we proposed a...

Authors: Ying Liao, Wei Xu Hao, Wei Qun Li

Abstract: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) detect and monitor the outside physical state by the sensor nodes organizing automatically. Routing protocol...

Authors: Zhi Jian Yin, Yun Fei He, Chun Ru Xiong, Run Yang Zhong

Abstract: This paper utilizes ARM 9 series chips such as S3C2440 as the CPU to realize an embedded Linux system. Due to the integration of NAND Flash...

Authors: Li Li, Fang Liang Xu

Abstract: The constructivist learning based on data mining technology is a senior learning process, it realized the discovery to the unknown...


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