Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Li Mao, Chang Xun Tian, Ji Wei Zhu, Tai Zhi Zhang, Lv Bao Tong

Abstract: The optimal conditions of production of biopolymer by the culture of Bacillus cereus B-11 were examined, using molasses wastewater to...

Authors: Yu Wang, Zhen Luo

Abstract: Small gas turbine engines have been considered as a potential and popular mean of propulsion for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). With the...

Authors: Ya Li He, Tian Hai Wang, Jun Cao Shi

Abstract: Batch experiments were carried out to determine the capacity of Bacillus cereus biomass to adsorb Sr(II) ions from aqueous solution...

Authors: Zhao Hui Shi

Abstract: In this paper,the artificial intelligence control technology is used in sewage treatment plants, we use fuzzy control method in the sewage...

Authors: Xiao Jun Gu

Abstract: While Grid performance models become increasingly popular and many performance service start to offer all kinds of Grid performance, the...

Authors: Ping Ji

Abstract: In Table Tennis match information processing, Match Information needs processing through Web service, The corresponding concepts need to be...

Authors: Gui Yang Liu, Jun Ming Guo, Bao Sen Wang, Ying He

Abstract: A porous carbon has been prepared by template method using a natural clay mineral as template and furfuralcohol as carbon source. X-ray...

Authors: Ren Guang Wang, Bin Wang, Han Wen Sun

Abstract: The temperature increment process was measured on test rig for disk brake of some car. And the changing model of disk brake was built using...

Authors: Min Lan Jiang, Fu Peng Li, Xiao Dong Wang

Abstract: Based on Doppler and Fourier optics analysis method, analyzed the configuration of double diffraction grating, and built its non-contact...

Authors: Chun Jiang Zhou, Jing Qiao Zou

Abstract: High speed machining is one of the advanced manufacturing technologies which have developed quickly in recent years. Tool technology is key...


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