Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Chi Leng, Wei Liu

Abstract: This paper presents the new technology and applications on microwave sensor for moisture content measurement. A dual-frequency microwave...

Authors: Zhi Wei Yu

Abstract: To present the essence of information system risk evaluation and improve the effect of evaluation, the paper puts forward a business...

Authors: Xiao Qin Zhou, Shao Xin Zhao, Zhi Wei Zhu, Jie Qiong Lin, Dan Luo

Abstract: In order to reveal the mechanistic characteristics during the elliptical vibration cutting (EVC), A simplified 2-D finite element model is...

Authors: J.T. Zhang, X.G. Shen

Abstract: Using Ultrasonic Testing to test the coating thickness of various industrial structure is a commonly used thickness measurement method. But...

Authors: Shi Hong Wu, Jing Gao

Abstract: Several kinds of main stalk and stubble processing technologies and corresponding machines used in Liaoning Province are researched in this...

Authors: Jun Li, Cheng Rong Xie

Abstract: This paper introduces a modified financial chaotic system. Some basic dynamical properties are studied. Based on Lyapunov stability theory...

Authors: Yu Jie Liu, Yun Kai Zhou, Hong Bing Xiao

Abstract: In this paper, by analyzing the characteristics of the data, we adopt lossy compression based on predictive coding method and FFT. Firstly,...

Authors: Dao De Zhang, Yu Rong Pan, Xin Yu Hu, Guang You Yang, Cheng Xu

Abstract: Based on FPGA’S Balance and exchange principle of area and speed, Using the FPGA internal rich logic resources and powerful hardware...

Authors: Yun Feng Li, Xin Tao Xia

Abstract: A calculation method of fatigue life for main shaft bearing of direct drive wind turbine was proposed. The statics models of the bearing...

Authors: Guang Jian Yang, Rui Qun Liu, Fang Xia

Abstract: The modification of sodium trititanate whisker surface was performed by means of impregnation procedure to fabricate the modified sodium...


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