Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Hong Wang, Hui Li Zhu, Fang Xia

Abstract: Batch experiments were carried out to determine the capacity of Bacillus cereus biomass to adsorb Co(II) ions from aqueous solution...

Authors: Gui Yang Liu, Yan Nan Li, Jun Ming Guo, Bao Sen Wang

Abstract: A porous carbon was prepared by template method using a mazzite mineral as a template. X-ray diffraction (XRD), nitrogen adsoption, scanning...

Authors: Hai Bo Zhou, Ping Liu, Zi Wei Wang

Abstract: The modification of sodium trititanate whisker surface was performed by means of impregnation procedure to fabricate the modified sodium...

Authors: Wen Qun Zhang, Xin Yue Wu, Wen Cao

Abstract: Piezoelectric material shunted with negative capacitance can be used to insulate sound theoretically. But sound insulation of the system is...

Authors: Ru Fu Hu, Yan Ning Deng, Pu Li

Abstract: Predicting thermoelastic damping is crucial for the design of high Q MEMS devices. In the past, for the thermoelastic damping in microbeam...

Authors: Min Kang, Hou Shang Li, Xiu Qing Fu

Abstract: In order to measure the initial gap between the workpiece and tool-cathode in electrochemical machining, the measurement method based on...

Authors: Xue Yong Chen, Ning Zhao, Shuan Hui Sun, Xiao Liang Wang

Abstract: This design is an open-loop aviation electronic equipment rack based on ARINC600 for a aircraft under only air exhaust condition. Conduct...

Authors: M.R. Harun, N. Muhamad, A.B. Sulong, N.H. Mohamad Nor, K.R. Jamaludin

Abstract: In this paper, the development of green compact of ZK60 magnesium alloy was studied in the context of MIM using screw type injection...

Authors: Ji Hong Xu, Xiao Lin Dai, Shu Ping Gao

Abstract: Data was obtained through scanning manikin and coats separated by using [TC]2 3D body scanner. The method, using [TC]2...

Authors: Li Qin Wang, Zhen Huan Ye, Le Gu

Abstract: According to roller profile modification method, several commonly used modified rollers were selected into the bearing dynamic analysis...


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