Frontiers of Manufacturing Science and Measuring Technology

Volumes 230-232

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Li

Abstract: Higher vocational education is a new educational mode different from the traditional academic education. It is employment-oriented under the...

Authors: Song Zhu, Davorin Kralj

Abstract: The contribution focuses on teaching and innovation for Sustainable development. Teaching the theory on the basis of the practical...

Authors: Abdelwahab M. Bubtiena, Ahmed H. El Shafei, Othman Jafaar

Abstract: This article attempts to provide a general review on the most widely used prediction modeling of pipes breakage and reliability. The...

Authors: Bao Jun Zhi

Abstract: This paper presents the environmental impact of manufacturing in several important aspects. Resume green manufacturing is the only way to...

Authors: Tso Liang Teng, Cho Chung Liang, Chien Jong Shih, Da An Fung

Abstract: The vehicle crash acceleration curve is an important measured data which can represents a time history response of a vehicle during an...

Authors: Yao Hua Deng, Gui Xiong Liu, Wei Han, Zi Wei Fang, Li Ming Wu, Qing Fu Liao

Abstract: On the basis of analysis of research on embedded soft hardware collaborative design method, image processing SOPC collaborative design...

Authors: Cun Jun Chen, Min You, Hai Zhou Yu, Jian Li Li, Chun Zhi Mei

Abstract: The temperature field in the adhesively bonded single lap steel joint after a thermal shock (100 °C, 10s) and the influence of the restraint...

Authors: Min You, Jing Rong Hu, Xiao Ling Zheng, Ai Ping He, Cun Jun Chen

Abstract: The effect of the adhesive thickness on the impact toughness of the adhesively bonded steel joint under impact loading is studied using the...

Authors: Pei Wang, Xu Sheng Yang, Zhuo Yuan Wang, Lin Gong Li, Ji Chang He, Qing Jie Wang

Abstract: This article introduces the recent research of SuperLU algorithms and the optimal storage method for [1] the sparse linear equations of...

Authors: Nong Zhang, Jin Zhang, Yu Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a simplified drive train model with stick-slip nonlinearity is introduced for the study of stick-slip motion between the...


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