Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Ling Guo, Zi Yang Yu, Yi Liang Chen, Xin Xing Chen

Abstract: Zeolite NaKL was in-situ crystallized under static condition with kaolin microspheres calcined at 980 °C as silicon and aluminium sources....

Authors: Cheng Ping Xie, Kai Fu Li, Jin Ling Lin, Jian Bian Li

Abstract: Teak (Tectona grandis L.f) is decay resistance and natural durability. These advantages are relationship with inclusion of teak. For...

Authors: Peng Zhao, Wen Hong Li, Lin Li

Abstract: To select a suitable decolorizing resin for crude Tussilago farfara L. polysaccharide(TPS), the decolorization effect of crude TPS by five...

Authors: Li Hua Liu, Zhi Wei Lin, Ling Lin, Yan Ling Yang, Zhan Xi Lin, Shi Hua Wang

Abstract: In this study, the xyn2 gene, which encodes an endo-β-1,4-xylanase, was isolated with holocellulose extracted from Juncao...

Authors: Li Li Feng, Chong Chen Wang, Xing Yi Qi

Abstract: Mg-, Zn-, and Cu-substituted aluminophosphate molecular sieves (MeAPO-5 and MeAPO-11) were synthesized by hydrothermal crystallization...

Authors: Li Ping Liu, Xiao Jian Ma, Peng Zhang, Ya Nan Liu

Abstract: Hydrogen production by ethanol steam reforming over Ni-Cu/ZnO catalyst in the temperatures range of 250-550°C was studied on a fixed bed...

Authors: Li Fang, Xiao Xiao Guo, Yue Peng Liu, Xiao Ping Huang, Surin Saipanya

Abstract: Bimetallic catalysts PtRh@Pt5/C with different deposit structures were prepared by force deposition followed calcination at 400°C...

Authors: Zhen Hong Zhuang, Feng Zhang, Yan Yun Li, Jun Yuan, Yan Ling Yang, Ling Lin, Shi Hua Wang

Abstract: The gene, prx II, in mice liver was found to be up-regulated under the stress of AFB1 in our previous study. In this...

Authors: Zhao Qun Du, Ya Fen Luo, Yun Xu, Gang Zheng, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: Polylactic fiber is a new renewable and biodegradable polymer material for its better physical property and thermoplastic and biological...

Authors: Zhao Qun Du, Yun Xu, Wei Dong Yu

Abstract: Polylactic fiber is a new environment-friendly fiber and has wide application, while there are few studies on its characters and structures....


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