Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qin Wen Wang, Shi Yu Fu, Gang Chen

Abstract: Five offset papers were applied to analyze the influences of the linting and picking problem based on the measurement of paper moisture,...

Authors: Li Qiang Jin, Qing Hua Xu

Abstract: Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy has received a great deal of attention in forest products industry. The physical, mechanical and chemical...

Authors: Yuan Feng Pan, Hui Ning Xiao

Abstract: A thermal-responsive polymer was prepared by partially acetalyzing poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA). The completely reversible polymer aggregation...

Authors: Quan Xiao Liu, Wen Cai Xu, Yu Bin Lv, Jin Li Li

Abstract: Filler is one of the most important components of paper. Silica is a kind of excellent filler for its special chemical structure. Silica was...

Authors: Hong Wei Zhang, Guo Ping Zheng

Abstract: In the presented work, a series of the phosphate amphoteric cassava starch were synthesized by a two-step semi-dry process with...

Authors: Hui Juan Xiu, Qin Han, Li Jun Wang, Jin Bao Li

Abstract: Modifing wheat straw pulp fibers via in situ graft copolymerization has been regarded as one of the effective approaches to improve paper...

Authors: Guo Yu Sun, Wei Li

Abstract: As one of the main emission sources of PCDD/Fs, the pulp and paper industry has always been public concerns. In China, the consumption of...

Authors: Sen Wang, Xin Ping Li, Er Lin Mao, Zhuo Yuan Cheng

Abstract: This paper deals with the preparation of Plate-shaped Calcium Carbonate and Its Application in the Paper Coating. calcium oxide and carbon...

Authors: Xue Ping Song, Ji Zhen Lin, Hui He, Xue Mei Meng, Shuang Fei Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the technology of pressurized hot water extraction of hemi-cellulose and the effects of the pre-extraction on APMP pulping...

Authors: Shi Min Chen, Hong Xiang Zhu, Nan Nan Xia, Shuang Fei Wang, Hai Nong Song

Abstract: The Polyamide Polyamine Epichlorhydrin Resin was obtained by using adipic acid, diethylene triamine and epoxy chloropropane as raw...


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