Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fang Shen, Xiong Min Liu

Abstract: Methyl 15-hydroxy-pentadecanate,which was made from malana oleifera chum oil, was an ideal material to synthesize cyclopentadecanolide-an...

Authors: Zheng Ming Tong, Jia Lei Lu, Chao Li, Kai Zhu

Abstract: In bioreactor, it often monitors some procedure parameters such as temperature, pH , and dissolved oxygen values to monitor fermentation...

Authors: Xue Qing Wang, Yin Jin Yuan, Jin Chuan Li, Chen Chen

Abstract: The changes of cell membrane permeability caused by dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) and ethanol, two commonly used solvents in study of...

Authors: Zheng Wen Huang, Yong Gang Zeng, Bo Yu

Abstract: The upflow anaerobic immobilized microbe reactor of the anaerobic ammonium oxidation process (ANAMMOX) was used in treatment of high...

Authors: Jing Zhi Tian, Tao Jing, Xiao Ming Huang, Yong Jie Zheng, Qi Gang Deng, Zhe Li

Abstract: In this research, cage-shape macroporous/mesoporous three-dimensional-ordered material (3DOM) SiO2 was prepared using polystyrene...

Authors: Bin Wang, Ying Zhang, Guang Sheng Guo

Abstract: The reaction process of methanol to hydrocarbons was studied by means of in situ FTIR spectroscopic technique. The interaction between...

Authors: Jun Jie Bian, Xin Min, Shu Zhang, Chun Hu Li

Abstract: Ceramic-supported manganese dioxide catalyst, MnO2-ceramic, prepared by impregnation- precipitation method and calcined at 350 degree C, was...

Authors: Wei Xu, Rong Shao, Yan Li, Ming Yan, Ping Kai Ouyang

Abstract: Compared with Thermus thermophilus HB8 xylose isomerase(TthXI), the increase of the substrate specificity on D-xylose of its N91D...

Authors: Yan Ling Yang, Wei Zhang, Hui Xiang Lian, Jia Dong Huang, Heng Li, Shi Hua Wang

Abstract: Xylanase (E.C is a widespread group of enzyme which can catalyze the endohydrolysis of 1, 4-β-D-xylosidic linkages in xylan. The...

Authors: Li Ma, Xiong Min Liu, Dong Gui Li, Zuo Hui Zhang

Abstract: A strain S307 that can oxidize selectively (S)- 1-phenylethanol to acetophenone and a strain IS 118 that can asymmetric reduce acetophenone...


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