Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Zhou, Hong Tao Chang, Heng Fu Shui, Zhi Cai Wang, Chang Hui Lin, Zhi Ping Lei, Shi Biao Ren, Shi Gang Kang

Abstract: Shengfu (SF) coal was hydro-thermally treated with and without CaO addition at different temperatures and the crucible coking determinations...

Authors: Qiu Yue Chen, Yong Jian Liu, Jie Zhao

Abstract: Through laboratory experiments with samples from Daqing and Liaohe oilfields, the effects of reservoir mineral,NiSO4 and...

Authors: Jie Zhao, Yong Jian Liu, Qiu Yue Chen

Abstract: The aquathermolysis (AqTh) of Liaohe heavy crude oil (HCO) in a 300ml autoclave is investigated with an oil soluble catalyst and formic acid...

Authors: Xiao Ming Yue, Bing Sun, Zhi Min Zong, Yao Lu, Li Min Mei, Xian Yong Wei

Abstract: As a model reaction for coal liquefaction, the hydrocraking of di(1-naphthyl)methane (DNM) was investigated using acid solid catalyst (ASC)...

Authors: Jun Liang, Fu Ping Wang

Abstract: SAPO-11, SAPO-41, ZSM-22, ZSM-12 were synthesized by the hydrothermal method and characterized by XRD, SEM and NH3-TPD. Effects...

Authors: Bu Xin Su, Jian Liang Zhang, Bing Ji Yan, Xiao Mei Che, Guang Wei Wang, Zheng Wen Hu

Abstract: Using the sampling device for unburnt pulverized coal(UPC) before the tuyere and combining the UPC microscopic morphology which are in BF...

Authors: Gui Zhen Gong, Xian Yong Wei, Shang Li Wang, Shao Peng Liu, Ting Yao, Jian Shi Zhou, Li Man Qie, Jin Na Li, Jie Lv, Zhi Min Zong

Abstract: Taixi anthracite coal (TXC) was subjected to oxidation with NaOCl aqueous solution under mild conditions. The reaction mixture was extracted...

Authors: Meng Liang Tong, Xuan Yan Liu

Abstract: Calcium zincate as an active material in Zn/Ni secondary battery has been successfully synthesized by microwave method. The chemical...

Authors: Chun Yan Kong, Shen Hang Yu, Ying Sun

Abstract: Because of the characteristic of highly controllability and modularization, battery energy storage could be widely applied in the...

Authors: Xi Xi Shi, Xing Jiang Liu, Liang Jie Yuan

Abstract: Co2B2O5 was synthesized by the rheological phase treatment, followed by ball-milling and subsequent...


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