Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Feng Li, He Bian, Jing Tang Zheng, Yan Hu

Abstract: Sm-doped TiO2 photocatalysts were prepared by doping samarium ions into TiO2 nanoparticles in a sol-gel process. The...

Authors: Gui Zhen Gong, Xian Yong Wei, Shang Li Wang, Ting Yao, Shao Peng Liu, Zhi Min Zong

Abstract: Four Chinese coals were oxidized with NaOCl aqueous solution under mild conditions. The reaction mixture was extracted with diethyl ether,...

Authors: Yi Wang, Ting Zhang, Kun Jie Wang, De Yi Zhang

Abstract: The objectives of this study were to convert marigold dregs to a cationic metal ions and dye adsorbent and further to investigate the...

Authors: Jie Bing Zhang, Xiao Li Zhang, Hong Ya Li, Bin Xia Zhao, Zhu Xiong

Abstract: Concentrations of miglitol on the adsorptive capacity effect of resin were investigated.The pseudo first and second order equations were...

Authors: Yue Lin Liu, Shui Bo Xie, Hui Ling, Wen Tao Wang, Shi You Li, Ying Jiu Liu

Abstract: In order to research on the inhibition of Cu2+ to removal of U(Ⅵ) by sulfate reducing bacteria(SRB), the experiment investigated...

Authors: Yu Ting Xu, Li Chun Dong, Da Fu Huang, Yan Xiao, Xiao Hua Zhou

Abstract: A L-lysine modified semi-crosslinked chitosan (LMCCT) beads was synthesized and demonstrated to be an excellent enzyme support by studying...

Authors: Sheng Zhang, Xiang Zhou Li, Chun Tao Kuang

Abstract: To investigate the antioxidant effect in vitro of JiangHuang JiangZhi capsule, different concentrations of content of capsule were...

Authors: Du Shu Huang, Zhao Long Huang, Rui Min Xiao, Zi Jing Li, Yan Jiang, Wei Liu

Abstract: This paper deals with the extraction of L-theanine containing Aliquat 336 and Di(2-ethylhexyl)phosphate(P204) as combined carriers and...

Authors: Chun Chang, Gui Zhuan Xu, Xiao Jian Ma

Abstract: The alkaline-pretreated wheat straw was used as raw materials, and the fed-batch simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF)...

Authors: Xiao Hua Zhou, Ying Li Wang, Xia Li Su

Abstract: Glucose oxidase (GOD) and catalase (CAT) were co-immobilized on the cross-linked chitosan microsphere containing L-Lysine (CCL) by the...


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