Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rong Rong Liang, Xi Bin Zhang, Xiu Jiang Wang, Ren Huan Wang, Yan Wei Mao, Yi Min Zhang, Xin Luo

Abstract: To prolong the shelf-life of chilled chicken and to reduce the drip loss in this meat and in prepared chicken products in refrigerated...

Authors: Xian Song Xie

Abstract: Early shrinkage of concrete includes plastic shrinkage before the final setting, drying shrinkage during hardening process and autogenous...

Authors: Guang Fa Wang, Chun Lan Dai, Zheng Gen Liao, Guo Wei Zhao, Xin Li Liang, Ming Yang, Shao Jin Zhong, Nan Zhang

Abstract: Solid dispersions (SD) were prepared with naringenin and mannitol by the solvent evaporation method with three drying methods (vacuum...

Authors: Hai Wei Ren, Yi Zhang

Abstract: The application of computational fluid dynamics(CFD) in the food industry such as drying, thermal sterilization, mixing, refrigeration and...

Authors: Shun Yu Han, Xia Zhu, Bo Zhang

Abstract: The octenyl succinate starch is a stabilization-modified starch produced by esterification of native starch with octenyl succinic anhydride...

Authors: Xiao Gen Li, Zhi Quan Huang, Tong Jiang, An Ming Wang

Abstract: Through the researches and discussions of each constituents of multi-resolution watershed model, the article comes to the conclusion that...

Authors: Juan Chen, Jian Ye Liu, Dong Zhi Wang

Abstract: Emulsion type sizing agents for carbon fiber were prepared by phase inversion emulsification. Standing stabilization and particle size...

Authors: Yan Hong Wang, He Zhao, Y.D. Huang

Abstract: In this paper, the preparation of 2, 6-diamino-3, 5-dinitropyridine (DADNP) were systematically investigated. The optimal method was found....

Authors: Xi Hong Li, Chang Liu, Ya Jun Sun, Jin Du, Ya Ge Xing, Yao Tang

Abstract: Effects of lycopene on the oxidative stability of soybean oils were studied by adding different concentrations of lycopene [0.01, 0.02 and...

Authors: Ya Ge Xing, Xi Hong Li, Qing Lian Xu, Chong Xiao Shao, Juan Yun

Abstract: In this investigation, antibacterial property of microencapsulated cinnamon oil was investigated. Microencapsulated cinnamon oil was...


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