Application of Chemical Engineering

Volumes 236-238

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ting Zhang, Quan Wen Liu, Gui Hua Li

Abstract: The interaction between human serum albumin (HSA) and salvianolic acid A (SA-A) was investigated by means of spectroscopy. The thermodynamic...

Authors: Yan Ping Cao, Jing Wang, Jun Song Xiao, Cheng Tao Wang

Abstract: The batch extraction kinetics equation based on Fick’s law was obtained by a direct dimensionless modification with the extraction capacity...

Authors: Mo Zhou, Hai Bo Wu, Gang Ren, Ming Yu Li

Abstract: Phenol and chlorophenols (CPs) are main toxic organic pollutants detected generally in source water. In the present studies, removal...

Authors: Zhen Huang, Mei Jing Yang, Qing Ma, Shao Fang Liu

Abstract: Separation of carotenoids has been carried out on the calyx of Physalis alkekengi var. francheti by means of supercritical...

Authors: Wen Fu, Li Wang, Jun Zuo Huang

Abstract: As a new environment-friendly waterproof material, polymer cement waterproof coating combines the rigidity of cement and the flexibility of...

Authors: Shao Jin Zhong, Guang Fa Wang, Chun Lan Dai, Zheng Gen Liao, Nan Zhang, Chun Liu Wang, Xi Zhen Han

Abstract: Solid dispersions (SD) were prepared with naringenin and polyvinyl pyrrolidone k-30 (PVP k-30) by the solvent evaporation method with three...

Authors: Xiao Ping Fan, Wei Xu, Jia Hua Zhou, Hong Xiang

Abstract: Three types of single closed cell model, single-centered cubic, face-centered cubic and body-centered cubic were set up based on the...

Authors: Yun Ping Peng, Ji Hua Wang, Wen Mei Li, Jun Lin Wu, Shu Juan Yu

Abstract: This paper explains and demonstrates how to evaluate the sensitivity and specificity of wondfo chlamydia trachomatis rapid diagnostic...

Authors: Hua Wei Zhang, Xue Lian Bai

Abstract: This work focused on optimization of ethanol fermentation of yeast cells immobilized by calcium alginate-chitosan (ACA) using orthogonal...

Authors: Qiang Xu, Miao Wang, Zhi Huai Yang

Abstract: After the SOD was treated with different strength of electric field, the interactional mechanism of electric field on SOD activity was...


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